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D&D 5E D&D Miniatures in London


Dear All,

I live in Brazil, where it's hard and expensive to find D&D Miniatures (the old Skirmish or new WizKids ones...), but soon I'll have a trip to London, where I heard there are many game/hobby stores.

Since their websites don't turn anything interesting in that sense, any suggestions on where to go, especially in Central London, to find these kinds of minis? I'm thinking Miniature Market / Coo Stuff Inc style!


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Not a suggestion for London, but a suggestion in general for new people looking to gather a miniature collection:

1.) Look for a large collection for sale on Ebay. When they pop up, they tend to be the best figure per cost approach to get a basic collection.
2.) Buy a 3d printer and print minis as you need them to top off the collection. Your players can help you paint them. It doesn't take much time to get as good, or better, at painting than the paint jobs we see in the old skirmish or the current Wizkids. The cost on these printers is constantly going down...

Orc's Nest is a great gaming shop that's been around for ages. I recall them having minis, but it's been a couple of years since I was last there. Games Workshop has a bunch of stores in London, though I imagine they mostly focus on just their own lines.


Lowcountry Low Roller
I've been disappointed by game shops in London, Orc's Nest in particular. Tiny shop and grumpy staff. :)

Compared to shops I've visited in Toronto, Melbourne, and Portland, Oregon, for example, things seem lacking in London (and NYC for that matter). Cost of real estate perhaps?

As well as Orc's Nest there is Dark Sphere, which is located just outside the centre under some railway arches west of Waterloo.

As just mentioned, retail space in London is stupid-expensive, so it isn't really a good place for shopping.

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