D&D 5E D&D Next playtest post mortem by Mike Mearls and Rodney Thompson. From seven years ago.


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Then can we be done with the latest round of "glass gets villified for not towing WotC party line" now please?

It is past time for you to consider the possibility that folks have honest opinions about the material, rather than a "party line".

You have admitted that your opinion is not an informed one. Why should it be given creedence?

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učim hrvatski
No, the only inaccurate bit I see in this thread is your claim that because they refer to the Astral Plane, it means it has nothing to do with space, despite all of the other things they also refer to which make it very clear it is to do with space.
I had the distinct impression from somewhere that in 5e, outer space and the Astral Plane are one and the same.

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