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D&D review: 1974

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I Like the ... but at 3.50 each are priced rather high.

This guy would probably scream if he was able to know that they would be priced more then 10 times that today.


Dorn proves the important example: never adventure alone... :)

The funny thing is that people have proven that it is fun to play by phone, (I have done this), by mail (I haven't done this), by e-mail (nope), by message board forums (yep), and by computer game online play (again, yep)!

And my favorite is the part where he says it puts too much work on the referee, compared to the players...


he didn't review my favorite thing mentioned in Booklet 1. a campaign should range from 4 to 50 players per referee. with a 20 players to 1 referee being the optimal.

they were referees not Dungeon Masters then.


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I knew it, a game like that can't possibly work! Why oh why didn't they listen to this guy back then?

From the review:
The resulting mess in interpretations is enough to tax the patience of most gamers to the extreme.
The scope is just too grand, while the referee is expected to do too much in relation to the players.

Hit the nail on the head, that reviewer...
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that's great. The funny thing is I know a lot of wargammers and they still say the same things about RPGs.

Wow 50 people. that would be one hell of a chaotic mess.


Unattainable Ideal
Okay, nothing is quite as funny as:
For those without gasoline to visit their fellow wargamers, or without a car, Dungeons and Dragons can be very, very interesting indeed.
Enjoy D&D more! Sell your car! Stop hoarding gasoline! It's more interesting! It's very, very interesting indeed!

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