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D&D General D&D Worth "23 Billion"?!?!

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If I was to guess the value of D&D including MtG, Movies, Comic Books, Novels, Video Games, TV shows, branded merch, etc..., I'd say to a company more capable of using it, 3 to 5 billion.

Hasbro just doesn't have the resources and expertise to take D&D and more importantly its settings to the next level.

Although at this point I would not sell D&D seperately without MtG.



As previously stated it's not worth that.

It's probably worth way less tgan people think a billion is probably to much.

If I was investing my own money probably somewhere between 500-800 million. Opportunity cost is to high eh I could invest the money elsewhere
Without looking at the books.

The 150 million a year or whatever is revenue not profit afaik and its only been at that level very briefly.

And a fair bit of tgat is peak, they've passed that and you're essentially gambling on D&D beyond.

One coukd just buy shares or high end property instead for example.


As long as i get to be the frog
not really, that means 3B is in the ballpark while 5 is too high (20 to 30 times profit, with profit being around 50% for D&D)
IMO 20-30 times profit is too high for anything that doesn't have a clear path for potential exponential growth. Not only is there a risk you can lose money but unless you hit that exponential style growth then most other potential investments would have performed better.

Objectively BG3 has been the lone bright spot outside of the TTRPG Core. Beyonds promises of massive monetization are as of yet unproven. The 2024 releases probably don't perform nearly as well as the 2014 releases either - too many are lukewarm in their reception. The OGL/CC aspects, while great for us gamers, are not great for valuation.

A more realistic estimate of D&D's value would probably be 10x profit IMO.


Stated by who, you?

Based on what? You have experience in this area?

In this thread. Hasbros not worth 23 billion.

One can do basic math but you woukd need to see the books but somewhere between 500-1.5 billion would be the ballpark figure. Depends on how much profit they made that's consistent. BG3 for example is a one off thing.

After that it's just annual returns on investments to work out if buying D&D would make financial sense. And how much of a premium one would pay if you think it's future returns will go up.

Eg I could buy high end property here instead.

So it's highly unlikely I would pay a billion for D&D unless those books were good.

Without acces to the books one xant say just looking at what we know the market was worth.
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