[D20 CoC] RE-RECRUIT 1 Player: Mountains of Madness - Chap 2: Death of a Sea Captain


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Herein, our intrepid investigators begin researching the death of their Captain of the U.S.S. Gabrielle, who died under mysterious circumstances.

Link to Chapter 4, where you'll find the events leading up to the discovery of Captain Douglas's body floating in the river.

job said:
Morpheus said:
Martin makes his way to the mess to find Prof. Moore.

"You sent for me, Professor?"
Drowned Hero said:
George looks at Dr.Moore and at Martin Louis LeBlanc standing so surprisingly in the doorway.
Dr.Moore is there anything else i can be at help with?
Professor Moore looked at Martin, then George, then back at Martin. "Gentlemen, your assistance would be most helpful since my efforts are needed here. I now must hire a new captain.

"Martin, please use your contacts at the newspaper offices and police stations to find out exactly when they first learned of the murder of Captain Douglas. That may prove whether this warning letter was written by the killer, or if it's a hoax. And find out if there are any details that were not printed!"

Moore then looked back at George, asking, "Mr. Barrow, I need to you to retrace Captain Douglas's last steps. Check his apartment. Find out if anyone remembers seeing him before his death and if they noticed anything suspicious.

It might be better if you and Martin worked together, just in case you're being watched. We can afford to lose any more crew members. And I'm afraid that we don't have much time. We depart in less than two days.

"Thank you."
Job (the tortured one).
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Drowned Hero

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George Barrow scientist

George waited a couple of minutes searching his own mind. After a while he turn on his heels 'Mr. LeBlanc Lets meet in the mess hall in about twenty minuttes' 'i need to pick up some things from my lab'
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Drowned Hero

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After awhile Georg come back to the mess hall whit a notebok and some pencils in his hands.
'Mr.LeBlanc My knowledge about the captains dead is quite slim' 'i joined this expedition after the banquet and its intrigues' 'you have any idea of what can he behind the death of the man?'

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