[D20 CoC] Beyond the Mountains of Madness - Chapter 1; Recruiting Alternate Players


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OnlytheStrong said:
"Wade stands and shakes the commanders hand, "Perhaps it is for the better that you do not have time to find another physician, for I am the best you can find. Thank you for the welcome aboard. The 60% death rate sir....... shall decrease. Even though I know that you do not need any encouragement, for mean cut of your cloth good sir rarely do, it is for the benefit of all that men such as yourself exist. Whether you realize it or believe it sir, the mere existance of men like you, provide a sense of accomplishment to their entire nation. Sir, thank you again. I shall return promptly with my belongings."
Starkweather smiled at the physician and seemed to almost puff up with pride, then said excitedly, "Yes, from your comments I can tell that you've been studying expeditions such as our own, Dr. Watkins, and that your services will help ensure our physical survival!

"You'll be bunking with our ship's physician, Dr. Richard Greene, in cabin 18 just off the Crew's mess. He's a good man, but his responsibilities require that he remain with the ship whereas you'll accompany all of our critical missions.

"Very well. I'll leave you to your tasks."
he said while opening his door and gesturing for you to exit. "We have much to do before departing."

Job (the tortured one).

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Wade nods his head, "I will return as soon as humanly possible sir, with my belongings. Thank you for accepting my offer of help." Wade exits and heads directly back to his apartment to gather his belongings. He makes sure to grab everything he could possibly need, including his guns.

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