D&D Movie/TV DADHAT hits $80,856,963 box office

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I added to the box office for D&D today. It was an enjoyable movie and probably the best acting I've ever seen out of Michelle Rodritguez (with the caveat that I've only seen a few movies with her in it).

Another good performance from Michelle Rodriguez is in Widows. Her husband was secretly working as a bank robber with several other men. Then they are all killed during a heist and the criminals they stole from come looking for their money. The story is what happens to their wives afterward. The other widows include Viola Davis (in the lead role) and Elizabeth Debicki.

It's a "play against type" role for Rodriguez. Linda is a wife and mother of young children who did not know what her husband was doing. The film was a hit with critics but had a mediocre performance at the box office.

bedir than

Full Moon Storyteller
It'll pull up to the 7th most watched movie of the year with Friday's numbers, and then drop down to 8th on Saturday.
It'll probably stay in 8th for 3 weeks

Kinda interested in seeing it's final numbers. Might make its budget in 2-3 days.

Then its got to make its promotional costs in the rest of its time in threaters, which seems like it will be a long time, Paramount doesn't yank its movies out of threaters early to toss on streaming as far as I can tell.

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