WotC Dark Sun 5e, A minimalist conversion. (full)


What are you using for thri-kreen rules? they are clearly stronger than most PC races, and I didn't find a conversion to 5e I was happy with.
No idea. It was a few years ago, I think. He looked like this:

Chtckh'Chtckh (Chick-Chick)
Neutral Thri-Kreen Gladiator Fighter Level 1

AC 15 (No Armour)
HP 13
Hit Dice 1x (1d10+3)

Gythka +5 (1d10+3) Reach 10'
Bone Scimitar TWF +5 ea (1d6+3; 1d6)
Longbow +7 (1d8+3) Ranged 150/600
Net +7 Ranged 5/15 Restrained (dc10 Strength check as Action to escape, or destroy AC 10, HP 5)
Claws +5 (1d4+3)

Str 16(+3) Dex 17 (+3) Con 17(+3) Int 14(+2) Wis 16(+3) Cha 13(+1)

Athletics +5
Insight +5
Perception +5 (Passive 15)
Survival +5

Strength Saves +5
Constitution Saves +5

Common (Tyrian), Thri-Kreen

Race & Class Abilities
Thri-Kreen Torpor: You don't sleep (alert during rests)
Thri-Kreen Carpace: Without armour, your AC is 12+Con Mod (15)
Thri-Kreen Claws: Proficient in a 1d4 finesse unarmed attack
Thri-Kreen Extra Arms: (additional free manipulate object per round)
Fighter 1 Fighting Style: Archery +2 Attack with a Ranged Weapon
Fighter 1 Second Wind: Bonus Action - Regain 1d10 plus Fighter Level in Hit Points. (1 per Short Rest)
Bone Scimitar (x2) (50 coins)
G'thka Spear (5 coins)
Longbow & Quiver (20 arrows) (52 coins)
Net (x4) (4 coins)
Backpack (2 coins)
Mess Kit, Rations (10 days), Waterskin (6 coins)
Climber's Kit (25 coins)
Huntering Trap (5 coins)
Rope (50') (1 coin)
Money Pouch (0 coins)
Escaped Slave & Gladiator, Chick-Chick was taken from his clutch as a hatchling and raised in a Tyrian battle-arena.

Personality: I always face problems head on, a simple, direct approach is the best path to success.
Ideals: Freedom: I will not return to slavery, or allow others to be enslaved.
Bonds: The clutch that I never knew. If I can form bonds, they will be tight.
Flaws: From a history of abuse, I mistrust everyone around me.

... based on those crazy Stats, I'd say we must have rolled them with some scheme or another. I'd be happy to adjust him to point-buy or an array, if you prefer (though I have no idea what his race bumps would look like)


@FitzTheRuke - actually that thri-kreen package seems fine.
dark sun stats are always going to be weird. it's cannon!
You will need to bring him in line with what everyone else is using. ThriKreen get +2 Dex, + 1wis
High point buy for stats 31 pts, or an array of 15,14,14,12,12,8
level 2

Plus you get to pick a psionic Talent - a cantrip (at will) or a 1st level psionic spell (1/day)the list is in post 28#

tglassy - Human Preserver
Salthorae - Air cleric
Justincase - Fire Genisi Gladiator
Leatherhead - halfling monk(?) gladiator
Vlad the destroyer - 1/2 elf rogue
FitztheRuke - Thirkreen Gladiator

so that's full, but im not sure if we still have Vlad. We could use 1-2 alternates if new people are interested.

@Salthorae yes the create water spell is restricted. It's a function of the setting.
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the magical equivalent to the number zero
For the Wild Talent spell, is it alright if I adjust the Thunderwave to a Fiery Wave, so the same effect but dealing the fire damage instead of thunder damage? That just seems to fit my genasi better...


Actually that thri-kreen package seems fine
It's true that a lot of people will try to get those extra arms to give extra attacks, but that's not very balanced in 5e. I'm happy with being able to hold some weapons while using others!

I've updated him and put him in the RG, but I forgot to add the wild talent, so I'll edit him in a bit.


...Oooh! Expeditious Retreat! There's some good Thri-Kreen Scuttle!

Which causes me to notice - I don't have a speed listed on that character sheet, do you think it would be 30'? I could see it 35', maybe. It's not exactly a powerful race-build. (I wish I knew where it's from). I'm kind of surprised that there's no official Thri-Kreen. I'd actually forgotten that.
Will be doing the Half Elf Rogue. Was a smuggler and was punished to slavery after being caught. How are you handling weapons breaking and thrown weapons?


Heat wave and 35' move on a thri-kreen are fine.
weapons have a 50% chance of breaking after a 1 is rolled. this only applies to weapons that should be using iron.
thrown weapons don't break more often, and can usually be recovered.


Good to know. Next question how are we doing HP?
max first level and average (rnd up) after that.

Everyone starts out belonging to the small merchant House of Klethira. Based out of the City-State of Urik.
Urik is the most militaristic of the cities, and favors obsidian for weapons. It is the closest city to Tyr.

Gladiators are were purchased recently the others may have been there a while.
Tglassy would have been working their stables, (Mellikots, Crodu, and a few Inix.)
- your background feature is probably - "a member of the Veiled Alliance"

Fitz - you can either be working for them (assuming your loyalty is flexible) or following their caravans. Or if you dont mind shifting your character's timeline you can start in the slave quarters too.
if outside the slave quarters you can RP an NPC slave, if you want to be involved before the S. hits the fan.

Characters look good so far!


Cal was born in a high house, raised in luxury until the age of 8. He was taught how to read and write, and took to languages easily.

His father was disgraced, somehow. Cal doesn’t know the details. All he knows is the Sorcerer King ordered his execution and sent him and his mother into slavery. His mother did not survive long.

But Cal did. He wound up in the stables, as he seemed to have a way with animals. He found solace in working with them. He met his mentor, an elvish slave, who recognized his talents. She began to teach him magic, and how to keep a spellbook secret. If found, his spellbook looks like a journal, in which is a lot of bad poetry, badly misspelled. In reality, it is written in a Cypher, and only Cal can read it.

She died a year into his tutorage. They had been careful not to allow anyone to know they were spending time together. One day, she had to cast a spell to save someone, and she was immediately put to death.

That was a year ago. He has studied on his own since then. He began to study illusions more, to hide himself and others.

Cal hates the Sorcerer King. He hates the world they were in. He hated losing his parents, and wants to overthrow the Sorcerer King. He wants to create a world where people are treated fairly.

His illusions are good, and he is planing to escape at some point. He can make himself look like anyone, and he wants to find a way to gain back his old wealth and influence. He only needs the chance.


Any room left in this game? I used to love reading about Dark Sun, but never found a group interested in playing it.


I'd be happy to take an alternate spot. I would be looking to play a Druid or Water Cleric as I have always been drawn to the idea my character working towards restoring Athas to life.