D&D 5E Deck of Many Things was worth the wait


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My cards aren't warped at all, look beautiful. My only complaint so far is that the card reference guide doesn't have include descriptions of what the cards do when pulled from the deck included. Instead I have to dig through the Book of Many things and the DMG. And the worst part is there is PLENTY of room on each page to include that. Just a dumb design decision.

But what is there is just fantastic. Really sparking my imagination on how to use in existing campaigns, run one shots, and I think will become a major part of the next major campaign I'm running once 5.24 comes out.
I was curious and went to DnD Beyond to see if they would be cross referenced, but only "The Book of Many Things" is in DDB. WotC missed an great opportunity to put all the cards and book on how to use the cards on DDB. It would think that it would not be too difficult to have a simple feature to "draw" from the cards. Or perhaps I'm missing something, but I'm only seeing the book. EDIT: never mind, the deck is include in the The Book of Many things. I still think it would have been cool to use this as an opportunity add a playing card tool to DDB like some VTTs have. When I run a D&D game again, if I use this in my campaign, and if I have to run the game remotely, I would take the images from DDB and create the card deck in Foundry. But, really, this is one game aid that would be much more fun to run in person with the physical cards.

Another wish I have. I wish the box that holds the cards and reference book had enough space to hold the cards with sleeve on. These are definately cards I would want to sleeve before using them at the table. Though, on the other hand, letting them get worn and develop character would be cool. I'm just a bit precious about not harming my pretty cards.

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Still have to dig into the actual content, but the cards are sooo pretty. I actually slid them back into the plastic wrapping to keep them pristine after checking I didn't get duplicates or misprints. Might have to get sleeves for them, the gold border and foiling are really nice.

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