D&D General Deck of Many Things rerelease fixed (or not?)


I'm generally one that likes MSRPs to stay as low as possible, but I think this set's price point is pretty justified. There's TWO hardcover books, a box, AND 66 foil-enhanced full-art cards. I'm not sure that it NEEDED all the bells and whistles (in particular the foil) and I wish that the Tarot-style book about the cards had more of the cards' game rules in it, but it's (IMO) a pretty nice product.
$60 is a current fair market price for a full color, art-ladden game hardcover, and $40 is a fair market price for a nice card decks. So, the math works out.
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My alerts just lit up with an official statement from WotC on D&D Beyond about the cases of Amazon orders getting the pre-recall version of the product. Along with instructions for how to apply for a replacement deck of cards directly from WotC.



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It finally arrived! (Video on Instagram)


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