D&D 5E Deck of Many Things manufacturing issue from review to delay to dndbeyond article.


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It would actually be kind of interesting if the card size difference was real rather than a defect: one size for the original DoMT and the other for the new cards. Since there's no game where the size would matter, having two slightly different sizes would make it quick and easy to separate the two decks.
But I suppose that's unlikely, given this sort of defect is apparently common with other cards.
That would be a good idea if the goal was to always keep the original deck and the “deck of many more things” competely separate. But since the intent is explicitly for DMs to be able to pick and choose cards from both to make their own custom deck(s) to suit their campaigns, having them be different sizes would be awful.

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I posted this to ENWorld and some are questioning how you held the cards. Can you do a short clearly showing f the bottom flat on the tabel? And/or measuring them? Thanks either way. Great videos.  — Aye, I was holding it flat- tall - edge - down on the table. I'm going to do a slightly more in depth video this weekend showing the deck, and 1'I measure them as well. it'll likely drop on Tuesday of next week.


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I have the pre-order page open.....if only we somehow got a card deck you could use in Foundry.....I don't think dndbeyond can support a non-standard card deck (and even then, it would be a table in the product, so, unsure if using the actual deck is supported online at all).


I haven't watched the video, but are we sure that you HAVE to tear the box? I watched someone tear their copy of the Campaign Case before we figured out how to open it. Sometimes the way to open it is just counter-intuitive.
As updated in the OP, the cardboard is not a slipcase but a replacement for plastic shrink wrap protection (more environmentally friendly).

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