D&D 5E Shipping Update for Deck of Many Things

It's now coming in January!


WotC has posted an update about the delayed release of Deck of Many Things, with it appearing in the US in January and other places later.

On October 27, we announced a delay in the shipment of The Deck of Many Things set due to the product not meeting our manufacturing standards. We're excited to announce that production on a new round of The Deck of Many Things sets has begun.

For U.S. players and stores, we expect The Deck of Many Things set to be in hand starting January 5. EMEA and APAC will see shipments a little later than this; we will update you further when we can share a more exact timeline. If production runs into issues that cause further delays, we will provide additional updates as soon as possible.

Thank you,

The Wizards of the Coast team

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I am very happy that they are fixing the cards. However, I am very unhappy that orders we placed will miss out on the Christmas Rush, when we ordered them under the expectation to have them in November. The sales we can expect on a set like this cannot possibly be the same after Jan 5 as they would have been 6 weeks earlier. It can't be helped, but it's a shame.

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