D&D 5E Deck of Many Things manufacturing issue from review to delay to dndbeyond article.


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Yes please
that's some front and back

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I mean, I at least give a person a view before ripping them....seems only fair. A lot of YT, though, is super negative for ratings. The stuff Google tries to convince me I want to read and watch is overly negative about TTRPG specifics .....which, um, I'm a fan....
the five minutes to 4 hours hate is a surprisingly viable video business model.
The face there is pretty tame, actually. This is more "annoying thumbnail face"

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gods I hate those not a day goes by when I would not like to mess with the algorithm in insane ways to get respite from them


Must be really bad if they’re delaying the release. On the bright side, that likely means the cardstock will be very good quality when it releases.
Based on my consumer products logistical customer support experience, the line between "well, it's unfortunate that some have defects, replace any that are reported, make it right for our customers" and "RECALL THEM ALL NOW, GET ME THE FACTORY MANAGERS HEAD ON A PIKE" can be pretty thin.

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