D&D 5E Do Psionic Organizations Still Have a Place in 5e?

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Not...from a Jedi (WotC).
And see, that's the problem. It's WotC that would be publishing these "psionic organizations."

When there's a psionic class, a psionic organization will make sense. Until then, it's an arcane organization that happens to appreciate mind-affecting magic.

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None of which are from WotC, although they are all awesome.

Admittedly I was being cheeky. I was referring to the three psionic classes available for Level Up: the psion and psyknight in the upcoming Voidrunner's Codex, and the Esper from our own @Steampunkette 's Paranormal Power. All excellent options for 5e.

Even if there is a future Star Wars TTRPG this would be published by Disney itself, after the end of licence by Edgeent.

I miss the PC species (dromites, elans, maenads, xephs), but these shouldn't be difficult to be updated to 5ed. Fraals (little gray men) should appear here. The syands from the Complete Psionic would deserve a second opportunity.

Now in 5ed the influence of wuxia fiction is growing up, and the psionic mystic are close to the "cultivators". Other main influyence could be the X-Men comics. The factions from "Aberrant" (and rest of Trinity Universe) by White Wolf/Onyx Path also could be easy to be "recycled". And other factions of force adepts from Star Wars.

The planewalker Jace Beleren may be a good example of psionic mystic. The blue mana powers could be an interesting source of inspiration.

* One among you has created a pink-heared halfing esper whose name is Anya Fodger, but I will not say who is.


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Organizations of any type are the sole purview of the setting. The ruleset has little do with it as long as it wouldn't shut it down completely.


The factions or organistations are mainly lore, with no crunch. Then to be updated to the new edition should be easy. Even we could "borrow" ideas from other franchises.
For 2024, the factions can probably come with backgrounds, feats, and so on. So there is some crunch starting to happen.

Voidrunner's Codex

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