Dragonlance Do you plan to buy Dragonlance?

Do you plan to buy Dragonlance

  • Yes

    Votes: 73 41.0%
  • No

    Votes: 70 39.3%
  • Undecided

    Votes: 29 16.3%
  • Other

    Votes: 6 3.4%


I plan on getting it. I have the original modules sitting, ready for play (got them out months ago, just haven't gotten a group to play it yet). I have the rewritten omnibus sitting on my shelf. I have the 3.5 versions sitting next to my shelf of 3.5 Dragonlance books.

I have around 60 dragonlance novels sitting on my shelf in my library. I have the entire Hickman & Weiss books (Chronicles, Legends, etc) as a second copy in my room.

I think I'd pretty much be in the target audience for this product.

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Reeks of Jedi
With Orcs becoming a core player race in 5.5 ed, I fully expect to NOT see that Orcs don't exist on Krynn, in the new setting book.


These worlds have history, and its races have history, there are explanations in its chronicles of which gods created which races (or large magical events), and etc. You can't suddenly say: oh there is a bunch of X over here that no one noticed before. Sure, Spelljammer opens the possibility of any race being on Krynn, that's fine, but they are a very rare exception, and it has a good explanation. Would you try to shoe horn a dragonborn in middle earth? or a klingon in star wars? You can if you want of course, but surely can understand why others don't like messing with settings like that.

I posted elsewhere that I'm betting the book will contain the DL rule set, restricted races and all, but will also say "you can run this with that rule set, or as a regular D&D game if you want."


Interesting how split it is. Would depend on the rules for massed combat and if I can use them for the Blood War.

I'm not interested in what Wizards is going to do to the setting after the UA revision, at all, while I WAS interested on the initial UA.


Reeks of Jedi
All it would take is someone to run a Dwarf Wizard in DL to make some folks eyes twitch.

I do expect to see a blurb in the book saying something to the effect of "traditionally, X, Y and Z aren't part of classic DL, but you can add them if you want."
If you can have Barbarian Knights of Solomnia, sure you can have a Kender Wizard.


I voted undecided, but I'm tending toward "probably not."

I read the first 2 trilogies when I was a kid and loved them, but when I read them years later as an adult they didn't really hold up for me. I only ever played in one actual Dragonlance game, and no one I know in my personal gaming circle knows much of anything about the setting. I liked the draconians, because my group had been homebrewing a dragonborn-esque PC race since 2nd edition days.

So whether or not I buy it depends on if there's other utility use I can get from the sourcebooks, but I imagine a lot of the subclasses and features are going to be more or less tied to the lore (Solamnic knights, for instance).

Helena Real

Dame of Solamnia (she/her)
Sure! I've gone as far as to ask a friend of mine to request a local game store if they can save a copy for me of the alt cover (which will probably arrive here on January 2023).

As I said in other thread, I'm also pestering a friend of mine to run it, because I've never been able to play in a proper Dragonlance campaign... And I'd love to. I'm also probably buying it on Beyond just to have all the options available there.

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