Dragonlance Do you plan to buy Dragonlance?

Do you plan to buy Dragonlance

  • Yes

    Votes: 73 41.0%
  • No

    Votes: 70 39.3%
  • Undecided

    Votes: 29 16.3%
  • Other

    Votes: 6 3.4%


If I were to run in Krynn, I'd generally only do it to run the War of the Lance. It would be a nostalgia play, with me tweaking the campaign to fit modern sensibilities and to avoid people that have plaed it before being bored.

If this product would help me do that, I'd happily run it. If it is only marginally useful, I would not waste money on it, most likely.

All in all, I'm undecided until I get more details.

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I will be purchasing both the book and the game, though I have no current intentions of running the adventure and doubt I will. What I do intent to do though is use it to bolster my current dragonlance post War of Souls Age of Mortals game. I'm honestly more interested at this point in the boardgame rules to see if they can be extrapolated towards mass combat in general for campaigns.


The High Aldwin
I'll review it when I see it and then decide if I want to buy it. I love Dragonlance and enjoyed playing in it with AD&D, but you never know how WotC will do things and if I'll like it or not.

Will probably be picking it up.

Not a fan of Dragonlance - was a bit before my time and just never saw anything from it that inspired me to delve into the setting - but I'm always willing to "scavenge for parts", as it were. I'll probably never run the adventure as written, but I can still find ways to make use of it.


This may sound silly, but a lot of what I judge about a D&D setting is the monsters, since I love monsters. And... I've always found Dragonlance to have really boring monsters. The draconians are OK, and I like a few of the others (like eyewings and fetches), but most are just kinda meh to me.

But aside from that, I've just never been into the setting (I've read like four of the novels), and none of the character options from the UA interested me or seemed like they would work well in another setting. So... no.

Micah Sweet

Level Up & OSR Enthusiast
No. I love Dragonlance, but the 5e version is drifting too far from the setting I loved from what I've read, and WotC's track record on settings since Ravenloft for me has been terrible as far as I am concerned. It's just unnecessary as long as you have the original stuff and the internet. Add to that my lack of excitement regarding new art in general as a selling point, and it's a no-go.

Absolutely. Even if I don't run the setting directly these days, I want to throw money at them so they continue making similar products. Plus, I will undoubtedly steal some bits here and there. I often sneak in cameos like Draconian pit fighters captured from a "far off land."


Reeks of Jedi

Do I want to spend $50 to see how they "reimagined" my favorite campaign world? Something so watered down to where you could easily have slid it into Faerun (Probably in the Sword Coast) and no one would blink an eye.

WotC could crap on a plate and there would be more than enough people willing to eat it up.

Not saying that Dragonlance will be crap - far from it - just that WotC has so much inertia from their fan following.
This is certainly a problem. I do wish people would be more decerning, rather than automatically buy everything or hate everything. But there are varying levels of success. Even if there are a bunch of sheep who will automatically go out and buy everything, it looks like there are a good number of people willing to say "no" to this product, perhaps for the first time.


I'm undecided right now. I'm not really interested in the war game aspect...just the adventure. And if the adventure relies too much on plucking off some draconian in the midst of a bigger battle, I'll pass. If the adventure outlines a compelling story where the PCs matter, then I'll pick it up.

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