Do you sell your books?

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When we bought this house, one of my requirements was that it had to have room for a library. Every few years, we have to purge some of our books (It happens when you buy dozens each year.), but I am picky about it. Too frequently, I have found myself rebuying a set years later.


I usually wind up turning mine in somewhere for store credit or else donating them. These are the books I don’t use anymore. Space is at a premium now that I have kids, and my collection of comic long boxes already takes up enough space.

With the ease of digital books these days, I don’t have that “but what if I need it” worry. If it somehow turns out that I need The Complete Fighter’s Handbook then I can find a digital copy on Drivethru or DMsGuild, or else track down a used copy. I mean, it won’t happen, but if it did, I’d manage.


Solitary Role Playing
Yes. After 40 years of gaming if I keep every rpg, miniatures, board game, war games and scenery I wouldn't be able to enter my gaming room.

If I haven't used something in 2-3 years I put it on a 'sell' pile' for a month. If after a month I don't have regrets about selling, then I sell it. I decided to do the month long wait because in the past I sold rpg books I missed later. I currently in the process of re-buying some of them in POD or on FB Market Place if the price is reasonable. I won't pay eBay ridiculous prices.

Having said that I have two file boxes with 'never sell' items in them.


Novels: I used to sell them to finance buying new ones. I've only kept 20-30 physical novels. Everything is on iBook now.


My gaming store answered me with prices for each book, so it helps. Pretty much everything Pathfinder 1ed is 5$ a book. Otherwise, it goes from 5 to 20$ depending on the rarity. My DnD 5e collector set can get 140$ (I paid 200$ for it, haven't crack any cover yet...).

It's really strange, because I don't need that money neither space, but seeing them in the shelves hurts me more than nothing, not too sure why, maybe because I know it worth something. I wish I had the time and the energy to DM a table, I really loved that. The vast majority of them, I never read them. So I wonder why I purchased them in the first place... :|


I've sold or given away tons of RPG books. Sometimes the collection just becomes to crowded with stuff I'll never use again. I sometimes miss owning my AD&D 1st ed core books but that's more about nostalgia than actually needing them. The closest I've come to needing old stuff is some AD&D 1st and 2nd ed adventures. Those are super easy to convert to Castles and Crusades and I'll occasionally run those adventures when I'm feeling nostalgic. Since I don't have much of that old stuff any more I'll just buy the pdf from DriveThruRPG.


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No I don't. That said, I buy vanishingly few actual dead tree books these days. I live in a remote location and have a decided lack of storage space, so I'm mostly a consumer of PDFs.


Funny enough, I was doing some cleaning around the house and found a box full of Rifts books. Probably like 30 books. I had given them to a friend a few years back when he said he was thinking of running a game….then he gave them back to me when he moved. I’d totally forgotten.

No idea what I’m going to do with them.


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I only ever sell books that I have multiple copies of. I simply can't ever bring myself to give them away. Which is why I have to keep buying more shelves and finding places to put them.


Yep. Sell books all the time. I do have a WFRP collection I hold onto, but I still get occasional use of even the 1st edition stuff.

The costs of shipping has slowed down my selling more than anything.

the Jester

I keep them, and I keep using them. There's a ton of stuff in earlier edition books that you can pull, convert, or tweak. Often, you can pretty much use older material as is if you just switch the rules elements to 5e; for instance, I've run both 1e and 4e adventures in 5e with minimal conversion notes.


I had to come to reality that I would never use most of collection, which was a LOT of 1970s and 80s books. Not just DnD, but palladium, earth dawn, car wars, and many others. Including most dragon magazines from 1 to 200. But I needed room. So I gave them all away to people who could appreciate them.

I've sold some books. The 3e and 4e D&D collections just took up so much shelf space that I sold off large portions of them when those editions were done. In general, though I hold onto my gaming books, though there have been some that have been so poorly written, or the creators turned out to be so terrible, that I got rid of them.

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I have culled from the collection periodically, but tried to stop doing it because I usually end up missing some of what I get rid of later on. Generally, when I have moved I try to slim the collection down, sometimes I look at the shelves and feel bad for all the books I don't have time for, but in recent years I have gotten into a habit of trying to focus on the parts of my collection I have the most genuine interest in, and cut out as much of the "Oooh I might find this useful one day" purchases that can clog it all up. (I have had mixed results in this effort).

I have spent a lot of money recently trying to rebuild some parts of my collection I got rid of a long time ago (I have sunk a nontrivial fortune into recollecting 3rd edition D&D books, for example, despite being convince back in the 4E/Pathfinder 1E days that I would never return or look back). Turns out I was wrong, and D&D 3/3.5 is sitting in my sweet spot for nostalgia right now, even though I never thought that would happen. So.....that's my only warning, be careful what you get rid of!


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Hmm, not that I'm aware of, not in Canada.
Not really in the US anymore for normal people, either. You have to have a LOT of donations, medical expenses, or ferociously high mortgage interest and property taxes to qualify to take itemized deductions now.


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Not really in the US anymore for normal people, either. You have to have a LOT of donations, medical expenses, or ferociously high mortgage interest and property taxes to qualify to take itemized deductions now.

Or run your own business.


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I'd rather give them away than sell them.

I have sold a handful of books that I got a piddling for that later I wish I still had, and thus regretted the sale. Even when I decide I wish I still had a book I gave away, I have the satisfaction of knowing it went to someone who appreciated them and felt no regret about the giving.

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