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D&D General Does anyone else title their D&D sessions?


Great Old One
Definitely something important to consider!

Yes, sometimes it's best not to delve to deeply in how magic interferes with our understanding of the real world.

This is called "Verisimilitude" and is the presumption one makes when dealing with a work of fiction. Any work of fiction. D&D isn't special in this regard. Unless specified otherwise, stuff just works normally.

And I'm fine with this, but this is also why I prefer that the game doesn't go into too many details of of the world and magic works, otherwise you get into contradictions really fast.

General Relativity is great in theory. nudge nudge. But we've learned a lot since Einstein. And we'll learn more. We already know that quantum teleportation is possible (Spooky Action at a Distance, FTW!) and we're learning a ton about different structures of reality that may eventually unseat our current understanding of physics based on quantum physics. Hence the desire for a Unified Field Theory. It may be that Teleportation is entirely impossible.

There is certainly a contradiction, but what we've seen is instantaneous transmission of information, not matter yet. :)

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Mod Note:
@Lyxen and @Steampunkette

How magic and real physics can (or can't) interact is an entirely valid topic of discussion. However, right here, it represents a major derailment of a discussion Can you please take it to another thread? Thanks.

Musing Mage

Pondering D&D stuff
I am normally not one to title the sessions, but since I have started running a game on Roll20, I have found that I am doing it with each session/chapter.

Running a Fifth Ed. Fantasy module called The Fey Sisters' Fate, two sessions in:

#1 - Trouble in Bur Hollow
#2 - The Silver Mist Run


Small God of the Dozens
I name my threats, not my sessions though. Players aren't predictable enough to be able to gauge what they'll get done in a session. Now, I'm a teacher, and with years of experience comes the ability to time your lessons. That's a thing. I've never had the same luck or skill with gaming sessions.


Moderator Emeritus
  • Session #0 - Stat Draft & Character Creation [Saturday, November 23, 12:30 pm EST]
  • Session #1 - "We'll Take the Low Road!" [Saturday, January 11, 12:30 pm EST]
  • Session #2 - "The Laughing Crow" [Saturday, February 22, 12:30 pm EST]
  • Session #3 - "Love & Other Demons" [Saturday, March 28, 12:30 pm EST]
  • Session #4 - "Hello, We Must Be Going" [Saturday, April 11, 2:00 pm EST]*
  • Session #5 - "The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh (part 1)" [Saturday, April 25, 2:00 pm EST]
  • Session #6 - "The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh (part 2)" [Saturday, May 11, 2:00 pm EST]
  • Session #7 - "The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh (part 3)" [Saturday, May 23, 2:00 pm EST]*
  • Session #8 - "Sea Ghosts & Turkey-Lizards" [Saturday, June 6, 2:00 pm]
  • Session #9 - "Dino-MITE!" [Saturday, June 20, 2:00 pm]*
  • Session #10 - "The Sea Ghost" [Saturday, July 11, 2:00 pm]
  • Session #11 - "Rollo's Rage" [Saturday, August 8, 2:00 pm]
  • Session #12 - "Danger at Dunwater (part 1)" [Saturday, August 29, 2:00 pm]*
  • Session #13 - "Danger at Dunwater (part 2)" [Saturday, September 19, 2 pm EST]
  • Session #14 - "Lizardfolk Parley" [Saturday, October 17, 2 pm EST]
  • Session #15 - "Thousand Teeth" [Friday, October 30, 7 pm]
  • Session #16 - "Love will Tear Us Apart" [Saturday, November 14, 2 pm]*
  • Session #17 - "Salvage Mission" [Saturday, December 5, 2 pm]
  • Session #18 - "Welcome to My Parlor…" [Saturday, December 26, 2 pm]
  • Session #19 - "Like Rats…" [Saturday, January 16, 2021 - 1 pm]*
  • Session #20 - "Song of the Fens" [Saturday, February 20, 2 pm et]
  • Session #21 - "Song of the Fens (pt 2)" [Saturday, March 13, 2 pm]
  • Session #22 - "Against the Cult of the LOAF" [Saturday, April 3, 1 pm]
  • Session #23 - "Into the Temple of the LOAF" [Saturday, May 1, 2 pm]

  • Session #24 - "Search for the Bosom of the LOAF" [Friday, May 14, 7 pm]
  • Session #25 - "Search for the Bosom of the LOAF (Part II)" [Saturday, June 19, 1 pm]
  • Session #26 - "Into the Bosom of the LOAF" [Saturday, July 3, 2 pm]
  • Session #27 - "Deeper Into the Bosom of the LOAF" [Saturday, July 31, 2 pm]
  • Session #28 - "Even Deeper Into the Bosom of the LOAF" [Saturday, September 11, 2 pm]
  • Session #29 - "Her Royal Vileness, Explicita Defilus" [Saturday, October 2, 2 pm]*

More recent titles:
  • Session #30: "Song of the Fens (part 3)
  • Session #31: ""TROLL-A-LOL-A-LOL"
  • Session #32: "Troll Out the Barrel"
  • Session #33: "Home at Last"
  • Session #34: "Night Moves"
  • Session #35: "The Wayward Wood"


Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal
I run completely homebrew. My session notes for what I expect to come are named, but that's a pre-naming based on what I expect to happen, not a post-naming on what did. As you can see from some repeated elements of names, sometimes my group didn't get as far as I expected, or took care of other things first, or sometimes went off the track I expected for that session - S8 was an example of this, as they reversed which hook they were interested in, which got continued in S9.

S1: Prolog, An Unexpected Encounter, and The Head Honcho of the New World
S2: An Assassin - Caught; Mask Dreams; Arrival; Places to see, people to do.
S3: The Road To Bristen
S4: To Bristen and Beyond
S5: Bristen, Beyond and Beneath
S6: God Kill The Queen, Statues under the Earth
S7: Statues under the Earth
S8: To the East (this is a Conan reference)
S9: To the West, Actually
S10: Questions and Answers
S11: Skyfall
S12: Disturbing News
S13: To the Volcano
S14: Jarl and Back Again: A Hobbit’s Tale
S15: The Unusual Case of the Missing Monarch
S16: Escape from the Wild Hunt
S17: Back Home
S18: On the River Home
S19: Into the Catacombs
Just to update:
S20: Into the Imperial Catacombs, part II
S21: Into the Imperial Catacombs, part III
S22: Into the Imperial Catacombs, part IV
S23: Infiltrating the Palace
S24: And Away!
S25: Against the Giants
S26: The Fire Behind the Giants
S27: The Fire Extinguished
S28: The Heartwoods
S29: The Door into Summer
S30: Summer's Dawn
S31: Sunset
S32: The Man from Uncle
S33: The Man from Uncle - part deux
S34: The Man from Uncle - part trix
S35: Zombies about Drakehaven
S36: Chapterhouse of the Silver Flame
S37: Olympic Exorcism (tentative, scheduled next week.)

My best friend, who has been our DM, has done this for 20+ years. Having been influenced a bit by 80s and 90s anime, he also always has a secondary title for each session.

We'll do this informally sometimes when a memorable line is spoken that seems to befit the session. A couple of camaigns ago we had one called "Three Minutes to the Moon." I wish I could remember the context of that one.


Since a few of us are adding updates, here's the list of adventures we've completed in my "Dreams of Erthe" campaign since the last time I posted in this thread:

21. Hell Toupee
22. The League of Beasts
23. Land of the Wild Moogles
24. Hyena Arena
25. Rindicane's Window
26. Serpentine Dreams
27. Raiders of the Lost Orcs

We're on hold for a bit now as one of our players is recovering from surgery, but next up will be "Desert Dreams."


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