Dragonlance Dragonlance Author Tracy Hickman Has His DRAGONS OF DECEIT Advanced Copies!

With the launch of the new Dragonlance novel trilogy approaching in August of this year, co-author Tracy Hickman shared a photo of his advance copy!

Dragons of Deceit is the first book in the new trilogy, with an August 9th release date. Previous information indicates that the second book in the trilogy will be called Dragons of Fate.


The description (including typos) reads as follows:

The first new Dragonlance novel from Margaret Weiss and Tracy Hickman in over a decade, and featuring fan-favorite characters from the iconic first two trilogies, Dragonlance Chronicles and Dragonlance Legends--books that brought a generation of readers into the fantasy fold.

Destina Rosethorn--as her name implies--believes herself to be very much a favored child of destiny. But when her father dis in the War of the Lance, her carefully-constructed world comes crashing down. Not only does she lost her beloved father, but the legacy he has left her: a wealthy fiance, and rule over the family lands and castle. With nothing left in the world to support her but wits and determination, she hatches a bold plan: to secure the Device of Time Journeying she read about in one of her father's books and prevent her father's death.

The last known holder of the Device was one of the Heroes of the Lance: the free-spirited kender, Tasselhoff Burrfoot. BUt when Destina arrives in Solace--home not only to Tas, but to fellow heroes Caramon and Tika Majere--she sets into motion a chain of events more deadly than she had ever anticipated: one that could change not only her personal history, but the fate of the entire world, allowing a previously-defeated evil to once again gain ascendancy.
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Well, that was fun
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I am guessing it was someone from the publisher who wrote it up quick and added it to the Kindle page, so I hope they proofread the actual book better than that. lol
It's on the Penguin page too.


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Place your bets, place your bets!

Are they bringing back Verminaard -again- or is this a Re-Raistlin-ing or do you wanna go on a wild stab and say Takhisis gets restored to be the ultimate big bad some more?


Wow! It's been years since I've actually seen Mr. Hickman face to face. I remember when he had a full head of dark hair!

His kids were just getting to be adults back then though...so I suppose he's a grandpa (or even great grandpa) now.

Who am I to speak though...I've gotten a LOT older too!

Glad he is still writing and (hopefully) doing what he loves.

Place your bets, place your bets!

Are they bringing back Verminaard -again- or is this a Re-Raistlin-ing or do you wanna go on a wild stab and say Takhisis gets restored to be the ultimate big bad some more?

I feel like Raistlin is the star of Dragonlance so they will find a way to include him somewhere.

Honestly I haven't read the Dragonlance books in 30 years and probably won't bother with these but hopefully they are more thought out than the last Star Wars Trilogy.


Weis tweeted a while back that the new trilogy, Classic Dragonlance, and 5E Dragonlance have zero connection.
I know but considering they want to make a new “world” I wouldn’t be surprised if this hints at/creates a multiverse thing.

Future DL novels can then be classic or new. Though I have a feeling this is the last of the DL novels.


Is this essentially a reboot of Dragonlance? Is this going to negate Legends and maybe even some of Chronicles, or at least everything from Raistlin's death onward (e.g. Chaos War, War of Souls)? I think of how the X-Men films essentially erased what I thought was the best one, X2, as never really happening. Or maybe it will generate an alternate universe, ala Star Trek? Maybe Flint isn't dead, and Caramon convinced Raistlin to give up magic and instead open up a bunny farm?

It seems that just about every long-lived property faces the same problem: law of diminishing returns. I mean, is there any such property that doesn't have its best stuff early on in the cycle? But then common solution comes in, which make it worse: the reboot through time travel or an alternate universe.

Meaning, the time travel/alt universe solutions to reboot tend to lead to a, well, diminished variant that loses some of the soul of the original creation (e.g. Star Trek). IMO, of course.

I know people like to revisit their long-beloved favorites, but there's something to just letting things be as they were, and instead focus on new worlds, stories, ideas.

For the sake of disclosure, I didn't read the Chaos War/War of Souls stuff, stopping after Legends and one or two of the Tales. In other words, I haven't read a new Dragonlance novel in almost 30 years (I think my last reading was an attempt at The Second Generation, but didn't finish it). At the time, my feeling was both that I had moved on to better (again, imo) non-D&D fantasy and also that the story felt complete, and to expand it further would diminish the poignancy of the original two trilogies.

I mean, it reminds me of the Marvel effect. I was deeply touched by the Phoenix/Jean Grey arc back in the late 80s when I first read it, and even embraced the X-Factor reboot--even if now I see it as aesthetically diminishing of the original story. But I think there is some justification for how they did it, and lots of fun stories followed. I stopped reading Marvel comics in the early 90s but it sounds like they just went crazy with endless variations of the never-ending "Jean Grey Saga."

For me there is a sense of ruining the end of Legends, and the "happily ever after" fate of Tanis and Laurana - in a similar way that I greatly disliked what the new Star Wars films did to Luke, Leia, and Han. Seeing them again was fun, but not nearly worth the price of what they did to them (particularly Luke)...but that's another topic. I'm just using it as an example of how re-viving/booting an old property rarely ends up well.

Of course I could be completely wrong, and maybe this is a distinct storyline that won't change Chronicles/Legends, but considering they already kind of did that with the later books, I wouldn't be surprised.

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