D&D General Dungeon Magazine's Top 30 Adventures: Do they hold up?


Heck I'm not even sure I have a standard for what a good adventure is that I could articulate. I'll bet that for any non-trivial "rule" I come up with for what makes a good published adventure I'd be able to find some adventure that I like that breaks it.
Exactly right. I thought I would have no use for The Wild Beyond the Witchlight. However, one of my players bought it for me and I used a significant portion of it and really found it delightful. Whereas, I loved the concept of Candlekeep Mysteries, but the adventures I ran from it fell a little flat.

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Victoria Rules
I believe you can ascertain whether something is truly bad with a read through.
I've learned otherwise. Some modules look great on a read-through but don't work well once they hit the table; while others look pretty bad on initial reading but end up playing just fine if not better.

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