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Princes of the Apocalypse
by Wizards of the Coast
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The threat known to sages and scholars across the multitude of worlds may surface in different ways, may have different aspects, names, and even goals, but two things are always constant.

One - The symbol this evil takes to represent itself are all variants on a theme, whether it be the Flaming Eye on Oerth, or the Watchful Dragon of Krynn, the symbol always relates back to the power that is The Elder Elemental Eye.

And Two - This evil has come to dominate the power of the four elements. Perverting and warping such powers to reach its ultimate ends...

Conflict and Madness

Can a few brave heroes stand in the way of such a force? Can they hope to defeat this enemy of the multiverse when it finally turns its eye to their small world?

Lets find out.

Terry Golberth, female human cleric - played by @jmucchiello
Niklos of Lyra, male halfling cleric - played by @jonathonhawke
Cyan Stormblade, female dragonborn rogue - played by @hero4hire
Talinthos Silvershade, male elf rogue - played by @VLAD the Destroyer
Captain Barakas, male tiefling cleric - played by @tglassy[/sblock]


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Our story begins (as most high adventures do) in a tavern.

The Swinging Sword Inn is one of only two establishments in the village of Red Larch to house people not a full resident of the town proper. The other is really just a boarding house with little to no privacy. The Sword stands three stories tall and boast a commodity not found in towns for miles around. Running water. It is here where are unlikely band of heroes can be found.

"Ah, that's good." Kaylessa Irkell says slamming down the shot glass and smiling at Cyan across the bar. "I'll take two casks of this as soon as you can deliver."

Terry Golberth was watching the exchange from across the room. She had stopped on her planned trip to the All Faith's shrine to speak with the priest there, when Cyan had entered the taproom. A dragonborn was a rare sight. And when you did finally see one they were usually tall, broad, golden, and armed and armored like a knight out of a fantasy tale. This dragonborn however was none of those things, she was lithe and blue, with a look of speed and agility. She was dressed as any well to do merchant that traveled the road (meaning she was armed to defend herself and armored lightly enough to survive, and yet get away and hide should the need arise). Curiosity getting the best of her, Terry sat down and watched as the dragonborn talked to the innkeeper.

Niklos of Lyra was a short and portly fellow of a noble Strongheart birth. This was not to say he was descended from kings and queens of yore, but that his was a kind and benevolent family whose good nature passed on to the halfling that was known to the children of the North as Good St. Niklos. He was coming down the stares when a roar from the doorway caused him to miss a step and take a tumble down the last couple feet and land hard on his rump.

The commotion came from Captain Barakas of <no ship at the present time>, and this was wearing on the tiefling sailor something awful. "Where can I find Jolliver Grimjaw!" the half-fiend hollered a second time from the doorway. He had had it with all these sniffling land-lubbers and their dry, still, land. But unbeknownst to Captain Barakas at the time, was that no one present knew who he was talking about. Making his way into the Swinging Sword the good captain decided to look about for Grimjaw himself.

The last non-resident and would be hero was Talinthos Silvershade of Silverymoon. The former soldier was on his way back to the inn to read a missive given to him by the town baker from one of his contacts in Yartar. Wishing to open the letter in secret (and be ready to burn it if necessary), he was heading back to the commons of the Swinging Sword. He had stopped outside when Barakas had reached the doorway before him, and he waited for a twenty count, after the long devilish tail disappeared inside.

And now you have met our heroes to be, but they as of yet have not met each other.
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Earlier, the young cleric of Eldath was finishing her prayers when the voice of Suardin, her mentor, spoke, "Old friend, troubles still with no discernible source. See what you can find out. Perhaps the priests at the AllFaith Shrine know something. Try the-" and with that the bird stopped speaking and flew away. Terry laughed. Suardin was never very good with the animal messenger spell. She got up and went down to the common, noticing a loose stair, she thought about telling the innkeeper to nail that down before someone tripped. The innkeeper was conversing with an unusual being, female dragonborn. Terry sat nearby curious about the exchange but not wanting to interrupt. If the exchange continued too long, she might go immediately to the shrine. But there was time to wait here. With a crash, a halfling fell on the stairs.

How fortuitous, she thought. That halfling has a holy symbol of Eldath. Rubbing her own symbol of faith she was going to call to him when yet another commotion ensued. Hmm, busy place.

Talin fingers the seal to the missive in his hand as he waited for the tiefling to enter the inn. He waits a for a long twenty count before entering after the man. He glanced at the tiefling as he moved through the room. He took a seat near the hearth. He waited for a serving girl swing over and take his drink order. He impatiently waited for her to return with the ale. He dropped some coin on the serving tray and took a sip. He watched the girl move off to another customer. He looked down at the missive. It was sealed with an indiscript blob of wax.

This is what I have been waiting for. Talin thought This is why the Hand sent me to this backwater nowhere.

Talin scans the room once more before pulling the letter into his lap and breaking the seal. He unfolds the paper and scans the precise script. Takin reads quickly taking in the words. He then reads them again before folding the paper and placing it in his lap.


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Cyan happily scribbled the order into her ledger. She still needed to find a large copper pot before she could fulfill her orders, but once she did, she was certain to be able to provide a new batch posthaste! She downed her brew and made a whistling nose between elongated teeth as she now looked around and took in the room.


Kaylessa had jumped at the tieflings bellow, but regained her composure quite well.

"Calm down, calm down." She said coming around from behind the bar. "Look here! You gave poor Master Niklos such a scare he missed a step. Not to mention the year or two you took from me and Mistress Cyan here."

The innkeep helps Niklos and starts to dust him off. "My word , some people." she mutters.

Terry looked a bit harder at the curious symbol as Mistress Irkell dusted of the halfling. From her vantage point it looked almost like a waterfall crashing onto... rocks?
That couldn't be right. She looked a bit closer. <roll Religion plz>

Talinthos read and reread his assignment.

Marlandro Gaelkur, believed to be cutting coins meant for the guild coffers. Find out without anyone knowing, keep to your main job - getting in good with the people of Red Larch - and send word the same way you received this. <end of line>

Maybe a few good deeds are in order before questioning anyone about, Gaelkur.
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OOC: Religion Check [roll0]

On second look, Terry knows that waterfall crest is not the same as hers but she's seen it before. Somewhere.
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Talin commits the missive to memory then tosses the paper into the fire. He watches as the paper blackens and curls in on itself as the flames consume the note. Talin takes a sip of his drink and looks around the room. Noticing one of the locals he has been drinking with the last couple nights he smiles and grabs his drink crossing the room to stand by the man's table.

"Mind if I join you? I'll buy the next round."


Brother Eardon.jpg Taken slightly by surprise the young human regains his composure and smiles. "Why thank you. A drink would be most pleasant indeed." Talin notices the traveling robes are well worn, and the man seems to be carrying no weapons at all. An oddity for someone who travels in the wilds of the North.

"Brother Eardon, at your service." He says with a lowering of his head in an almost serve-tile bow. "And I take it you are not a local either? From Evereska? Nordahaeril? Silverymoon? I'm sorry they are really the only elven cities I know."

Talin smiles at Brother Eardon and takes a seat. He raises his hand to a serving girl to have her bring the rounds and nods at the mans question.

"You would be correct. I'm from Silverymoon originally but have not been to the city in years. Names Talinthos, just got into town a couple days ago. Heard there was work to be had." Talin nods to the man in greeting. "What brings you to Red Larch?"


Brother Eardon.jpg Brother Eardon thanks the serving girl as she sits down the drinks. He spins the goblet around in his hand before answering. "I roam across most of the small towns in the North, serving as a messenger and itinerant priest, to the smaller hamlets and farmsteads." he says before taking a drink. "In Beliard I was petitioned by a delegation from Mirabar, to deliver word of their pending arrival in Red Larch, and wait for them to take word back north. That was a tenday ago, and they have not yet arrived. So here I am."

Talin takes a sip from his drink. He listens to Brother Eardon. At the mention of the delegation and it's travel from Beliard to Red Larch Talin raises an eyebrow.

"A delegation you say? They're coming from Beliard? Even if they left A couple days after you they should have arrived here by now. I wonder what's delaying them?" Talin looks to the man. "Any idea what the delegation was for? That could explain why they are late."

Niklos makes his way across the room and scrambles up onto a tall stool behind a table near Terry's. A moment later, Mistress Irkell had set a drink in front of him before returning to the bar.


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While not possessing ears on the outside of her had like mammalian humanoids, Cyan's hearing was still quite keen. Lack of entertainment in the sleepy hamlet made her interested in any type of diversion.
"Pardon me gentlemen. Please allow me to refresh your drinks. The Reptilian produced a flask and poured some into any empty goblets.
"A late delegation you say?

ooc; A little hamfisted on my part. But..meh.


"They're talkin' about them Mirabar dwarves." the innkeep says setting a glass of cold milk down in front of Niklos. "There you are sweet'ems."

She wipes the bar off with a towel, and continues to gossip. "Whole towns been waiting for them to show. People were rushing to get this or that done before they arrived, and now all they do is sit around and watch the road."

Brother Eardon nods at her words. "I'm just the messenger here, they could have been delayed for a multitude of reasons. I would like to continue on soon though, I can't wait forever."

Brother Eardon takes the poured shot and downs it quickly, his throat dry do to all the talking. He convulses and his face screws up into an odd expression.

"Smooth," he says with a nod to the dragonborn.

Terry can't help but interrupt. "I've heard there are dark creatures on the roads these days, beyond the normal brigands and highwaymen. Monsters of foul purpose appearing in various parts of the North killing and leaving the corpses with their possessions. How big was this delegation? Could it have run afoul of these creatures?"

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