Edge Announced It Will Be Making Star Wars RPGs....

Edge, a sister company to Fantasy Flight Games under the Asmodee Group, has just announced that it will be producing the Star Wars RPGs FFG originally produced. Fantasy Flight Games have produced Edge of the Empire, and various other Star Wars RPGs over the last decade or so, but folded its RPG department in favor of sister company Edge last year.

Of course, they announced this at GAMA trade show in March 2020. But here's the re-announcement, for those who didn't hear the first time round!

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Edge Studio to Create Star Wars Roleplaying Games
Edge Studio is proud to announce that it will be producing roleplaying games set in the famous galaxy far, far away. Edge, as a part of the Asmodee Group, is now an official licensee of Star Wars™ Roleplaying.

“We are really excited with the opportunity of working on one of the most beloved IP in the world,” Gilles Garnier, the head of Edge Studio, said. “We want to follow in the footsteps of FFG’s fantastic work over the years, while bringing our own vision of what a Star Wars™ RPG should be.”

Edge will be exploring some of the many eras of Star Wars, revisiting old classics while venturing into the exciting new frontiers of this setting. The studio looks forward to building on the legacy begun with Fantasy Flight games, who launched the wildly successful Star Wars roleplaying game Edge of the Empire. Sam Gregor-Stewart, the former lead developer on Edge of the Empire and now the RPG Manager for Edge Studios, said that he is looking forward to revisiting the Star Wars™ galaxy.

Star Wars has always been one of my favorite settings, ever since I was a kid,” Sam said. “I loved my time working on the game lines Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, and Force and Destiny. Now, with Edge, I’m really thrilled to have a chance to try something new! I hope we can create something fresh for our fans, while at the same time creating something that is going to awaken the same passion for Star Wars™ in a new generation that I felt growing up.”

With the licensing deal reached, Edge is also working to ensure reprints of existing Star Wars™Roleplaying products will be available to fans around the world. For more information on reprints and for other news on upcoming Star Wars™ products, be sure to follow Edge Studio on social media and on their website, as the website is expanded and enhanced in the coming months.

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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey

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I absolutely loathe that version myself, though I came from playing Star Wars via the WEG version, which I still think is the superior version out of them all.

Did you ever dip into the SAGA version? I found that one to be actually better than the d20 version.
No, never did. I've only played the Wizards one. I know there's a ton of love out there still for the original WEG version.

Anyone play the old Wizards version of SW that was rooted in third edition DnD? I still have buckets of minis and just about all the sourcebooks from that, even though I haven't played it in years. I thought it was a pretty decent system, using all manner of stuff from the EU. I remember being pretty disappointed when they lost the license.

It was the first RPG that I ran consistently. It was jank as all heck, too, even with the RCR. I still have fun memories of it, but that system just was not well-considered for the source material; it was very much reskinning D&D onto Star Wars, rather than creating a system for Star Wars.

I literally did a little jig when I found out Wizards opted not to renew SW... I have read the core, had tried to run the d20 version (2 editions prior) and my players, fresh off of the Traveller T20 playtest, said "F*** THIS!"... I read revised, and stopped there. I eventually read a borrowed copy of Saga Ed, and was still unimpressed... except that it looked very much like a good prototype for a new version of D&D...

Saga Edition has some interesting concepts and even some of the more controversial mechanics (Like Force and Maneuver Cards) are honestly interesting in their own way. But yeah, it definitely wasn't for me.

Specifically, only 2 kinds of dice: a d6 based "ring" (attribute) die, and a d12 based skill die. Roll (ring)dRing + (skill)dSkill, keeping (ring) dice. Some faces trigger stress, but all stress faces also have a beneficial symbol.

I honestly like it better than the Star Wars one, and I do like the Star Wars one. I have, however, burned out on the SW setting. Just ran way too much of it.

It's a very interesting distillation, moving the complexity away from bunches of different results to the interaction between the rings and powers. Less dice, but a whole bunch of mechanical complexity that... well, I like it, but I wish the book maybe explained stuff like stances much earlier in the book rather than 7 chapters in. But the way Strife is used in that system is very, very interesting.


I think a 5E Star Wars adaptation is unlikely as it would have to go back to Lucasfilm for approval alongside whatever new activity they undertake for the existing line.

Plus if the prior d20 Star Wars line wasn't profitable enough at WOTCs scale, I'm not sure a new one, even with the popularity of 5E, could work for the new studio.

L5R is an in-house brand now so they can do what they want with it at no additional outside hassle-factor.

That was bad for L5R the last time... Wasn't great for fans of Kara-Tur, either.
Well, it is happening now. Moreover, it is happening concurrently with the publication of the current version so I don’t see what the consternation is about really. It isn’t Oriental Adventures and it isn’t Kara-Tur.

I think a 5E Star Wars adaptation is unlikely as it would have to go back to Lucasfilm for approval alongside whatever new activity they undertake for the existing line.

Plus if the prior d20 Star Wars line wasn't profitable enough at WOTCs scale, I'm not sure a new one, even with the popularity of 5E, could work for the new studio.

What happens with Star Wars may be conjecture, but there might not be any particular stipulation that indicates which system to use. It may not be a complication - other branded IPs are making use of it, and it could be a new trend we are seeing.

The profitability angle presupposes that the current version of the rules is any more profitable than a d20 version, or that in fact d20 Star Wars wasn’t profitable enough. D&D will always be more profitable, but D20 Star Wars may have sold more than the FFG version for all we know. Notably, GW felt that their W40KRPG line wasn’t profitable enough for them, but FFG took on that license with relish. It may just be the case that the same is true of their Star Wars line.
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Guessing they plan to release a 5e version eventually, like they are with L5R, and develop them parallel like they are with L5R? Might be rather complicated considering the licensing, but they would be stupid not to, if they like money. Take the most popular IP and marry it with the most popular RPG system in existence. Sounds like win, win to me, but I know nothing about the license agreement.

Here's hoping they decide to set it post RoTJ to take advantage of Mando popularity.

Argyle King

At first, I was bothered about some of the content being repeated.

However, as time went on, I found that having some of the basic info repeated was actually very helpful in terms of sharing books with a group. For simple rules questions, anyone could pick up any of the books and get an answer.

At the same time, each book contained unique information.

With the prices of the books being reasonable, I found that they were the best of both worlds: shared common information for basic questions while also having unique information directly relevant to whatever I was playing at the time.

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