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Edge Announced It Will Be Making Star Wars RPGs....
Edge, a sister company to Fantasy Flight Games under the Asmodee Group, has just announced that...
What Flavor Is Your Fantasy Cow?
We recently made braised beef from The Heroes' Feast cookbook, which purports to translate...
This is the Way
The long-gestating Dungeons & Dragons film continues to creep along, but another series has...
Worlds of Design: Magic vs. Technology
In connection with my discussion about differentiating science fiction and fantasy, here’s a...
FFG Star Wars & Other Roleplaying Games Aren't Going Away After All
A couple of weeks ago rumours surfaced that Fantasy Flight Games‘ Star Wars and other RPGs were...
Hands-On VR--Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire
Chris Cocks, the CEO of Wizards of the Coast, mentioned the possibility of an augmented-reality...
Announcing the Free RPG Day 2020 Publishers!
Free RPG Day is coming Saturday, June 13, 2020, is the first RPG event fully executed by new...
Talking 52 in 52 with Owen KC Stephens
Want to lock in new D&D 5e, Pathfinder 1e, PF2e, and Starfinder content delivered every week in...
Worlds of Design: Gun vs. Sword
Lanchester’s Power [Linear and Square] Laws mean that combat in science fiction RPGs will...
Star Wars RPG Delves Into The Clone Wars!
Rise of the Separatists is a new sourcebook for Fantasy Flight Games' Star Wars RPG. It's a 144-page sourcebook with new character options, equipment, vehicles, and stats for various Clone Wars characters.

Starfinder Outpaces Pathfinder In Fall 2017!

Starfinder outpaced Pathfinder! Wow!
FFG's STAR WARS License Renewed - and Includes Episode 7!
There's not much that has come out of GAMA yet (although I'm sure some stuff will), but word has reached me that Fantasy Flight Games - which produces Edge of the Empire and other Star Wars RPGs - has had its license renewed. Not only that, but the license includes material from Episode VII: The Force Awakens.

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