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Effects of writers strike on Sci Fi & Fantasy genre

The Elphant in the room that could wreck and effect planes from Star Gate & B5 revival that is planned to the new D&D Paramount+ show.

Nu-Trek & Vox Machina are among the least effected, partly because animation writers have a seperate guild/union, and partly because in Nu-Trek's case most of its made in Canadian, and for example the head writer of SFA is Toronto based, although they could lose some of their writing staff still (Kurtzman loves using Canadian talent and locations and such).

If Star Trek Legacy goes forward it could make it more likely it gets made in Canada like other none Picard series, but that could mean a major change in writing staff, to lean Canadian more then Season 3 Picard did, which Matalas might not be okay with.

Star Gate was traditional shot in Canada, but that might have changed as well, but the strike gives Amazon an excuse to change it back to Canadian made with more Canadian writers.

I think except for the animated B5, the reboot could be screwed.

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It turns out writer rooms for Star Trek are in LA, so Academy is screwed, and SNW season 3 MIGHT be effected.

Possible actor strike could come in June as well.

It won't effect Star Trek this year or the animated shows, but live action Star Trek could be screwed in a year or two.


Means the Paramount+ D&D show is going to cool it's heels for a while.

Might bode well for the possibility of a D&D movie sequel, as there won't be any production decisions for a while as the film enjoys a streaming/VOD audience.

I'm honestly not too worried.

If a show has a really compelling reason to exist, the writer's strike won't kill that off. It'll just delay it. The timing of the strike this time means that pilots are the most likely to get screwed but most streamers and and networks had an unusually low number of pilots planned anyway, somewhat in preparation for the strike.

Also, the strike started yesterday, and we don't know how long it'll last. Unless it lasts like, multiple months, the impact on shows that are still a long way from production, like the new Stargate (which I'd forgotten was even a thing) or a possible Star Trek Legacy (which is not as certain as you've been suggesting) is likely to be minimal, because they'd still be in fairly early stages of planning.

Honestly if Academy gets delayed/screwed maybe it'll cause a rethink from the awful 32nd century setting they were proposing. It seems like, after Picard S3, a more post-Picard TNG-era setting would make sense.


Haven't paid much attention to the entertainment world in the current century - what's the issue that they're striking over?


Compensation and living wages in the streaming era has not kept up with inflation and contract negotiation is wild west.

TL;DR Pay.
The big sticking point is that writers are demanding minimum staffing and guaranteed weeks of work per show. Basically "we don't want to be gig workers, make this a job" and producers are trying to keep writers per show as low and flexible as possible. Writers are also asking for success/viewership based scaling residuals on streaming shows, right now they don't really benefit from a hit.

Notably, actors and directors are coming up for negotiation shortly too, and have been making sympathetic noises to the writers.

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