Endur's Return to TOEE part 2


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Round 4
22: Large Air Elemental in whirlwind form, spins one of the Arrowhawks out of control into a wall killing it, but the other is too agile (DC 16 dmg 7, 8+10 pass, 5+10 fail)
22: Belaver (-9, Dire Bat form) flies and attempts to bite, but misses (1+)
22: Neshi (-21, full defense) barks
17: Torn
16: Lenya (-12) sends an Eldritch Chain of Noxious Blasts at the last Arrowhawk and hits the fast moving creatures, blasting it out of the sky (6+ hit, dmg 22, dead)
16: Toriah dodges (full defense)
13: Craven dodges (-10, full defense)
11: Kerwyn (-11)
11: Lylamwyn
8: Winged Lion (-25, Lammasu, flying) casts Cure Serious Wounds on self (healing 23)
6: Raner dodges (full defense)

The battle is over. The party is wounded but triumphant. But before the party even had the opportunity to bind wounds, new enemies enter the chamber form the western door.
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An awful stench fills the room as the west door opens to reveals the Hag that fled earlier, a Troglydyte cultist, and four large reptiles of a type you have never seen before (they look like alligators except with taller legs designed for rapid movement, similar to what a great cat might have). Half a dozen Ogres are in the corridor beyond.

The Hag flexes her claws and says, "Naughty wayward children ... Daagra knows how to discipline bad boys and girls."

Lenya, Toriah, and Lylamwyn feel sick from the foul stench (DC13 fort: Belaver 15+, Neshi 16+, Torn 8+, Lenya 2+ fail, Toriah 3+ fail, Craven 19+, Kerwyn 12+, Lylamwyn 3+ fail, Raner 16+, Daagra 18+, Lammasu 13+, Ogre 8+6 pass, 10+, 3+ fail, 4+ fail, 11+, 15+).

Round 5
22: Large Air Elemental in whirlwind form, attempts to spin the cultists and then ends its whirlwind (DC 16 dmg 7, Ukemil 8+12 pass, Daagra 4+12 pass, reptiles 2+ fail, 16+ pass, 3+ fail, 18+ pass; Ogres 19+ pass, 18+ pass, 16-2=14 fail, 7+ fail, 17+ pass, 12+ fail)
22: Belaver (-9, Dire Bat form, flying) begins casting Summon Nature's Ally VI summoning a Huge Earth Elemental
22: Neshi (-21) moves and bites Ukemil the Trog (17+9-5 expertise=21 miss)
17: Torn casts Blade Barrier into the Corridor onto the Reptiles, Hag, and Ogres, slaying all of the Ogres and wounding the reptiles (Dmg 34 DC19 Reflex Ukemil 7+12=19 pass, Hag 17+ pass, Reptiles 2+ fail, 15+ pass, 10+ fail, 3+ fail, Ogres 1+ fail, 18+ fail, 8+ fail, 4+ fail, 14+ fail, 1+ fail; Blade Barrier 9+11 vs. SR 19, will affect the Hag; 4+, 3+, 6+, 17+ vs. SR 13 will affect the Reptiles)
17: 6 Ogres (-7 sick, -7 sick, -7) are blocked outside the room and can't do anything
16: Lenya (-12, sick) readies an action
16: Toriah (sick)
13: Craven calls out, "Foul Spawn of the Abyss, go back from whence you came"
11: Kerwyn (-11)
11: Lylamwyn (sick)
9: Ukemil the Trog moves and speaks, "Give my regards to Jubilex" as he attempts to cast a spell inflicting the dread disease Slimy Doom upon Raner, but he is interrupted by Lenya's Noxious Chain of Eldritch Blasts (Lenya touch attack 9+1 pbs +10 -2 sick =18 vs. touch ac 18 hit, dmg 18, Noxious DC21 Fort 11+13=24 pass, concentration check 13+10=23 vs. DC 31 spell is lost; second Eldritch Blast Hag 1+ miss)
9: Four large reptiles (-41, -41, -34) move and attack Kerwyn, Craven, Neshi, and Toriah (Kerwyn bite 8+12=20 hit, dmg 8, improved grab 17+17 vs. 10+, Kerwyn grappled; Craven 20/10+ critical dmg 17 improved grab 12+17 vs. 11+ Craven grappled, Neshi 18+12=30 vs. 23, dmg 16 improved grab 12+17 vs. 20+20 Neshi is not grappled; Toriah 9+12=21 hit dmg 5 improved grab 6+ 17 vs. 4+ Toriah grappled)
8: Winged Lion (-2, Lammasu, flying) attacks the Reptile attacking Craven (17+, 13+, 13+, 20/20; Dmg 33)
7: Daagra the Hag is unable to retreat due to the blade barrier and she bites Neshi (1+ miss, 5+21=26 miss, 16+16=32 hit; dmg 6)
6: Raner grapples Ukemil the Troglydyte (16+ hit, 16+ vs. 15+, Ukemil is grappled, dmg 5)
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Keeping a healthy distance, as usual, Lenya has her eyes fixed on the troglodyte. I hate this stench... she thinks, coughing slightly.

OOC: Ready an Noxious Eldritch Chain on the trog and any two other targets (hag preferred); triggered when the trog does anything else but move/move-equivalent.

Paxus Asclepius

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Belaver sees little choice but to use his summonings to keep the various monsters at bay; he uses a Summon Nature's Ally VI to bring forth a Huge Earth Elemental in between the party and the new assailants, then orders the air elemental to focus its attacks on the hag.


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Weaponless, Raner decides his best course is to try and prevent the Trog from casting any more spells.

Raner moves and attempts to start a Grapple with Ukemil.


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The reptiles and the Hag fight the party and the Elementals summoned by Belaver.

Half a dozen ogres were sliced and diced by the blade barrier that Torn conjured.

Round 6
22: Large Air Elemental attacks Ukemil the Trog (5+17=22 hit, 15+12=27 hit, dmg 19)
22: Huge Earth Elemental appears and crushes the Reptiles fighting Neshi, Craven, and Toriah (PA 16, 14+9=23 hit, dmg 38 slay reptile cleave; 13+9=22 hit, dmg 38 slay reptile; 12+9=21 hit, dmg 32 slay reptile)
22: Belaver (-9, Dire Bat form, flying)
22: Neshi (-43) bites Ukemil the Trog (17+9-5=21 hit, dmg 8)
17: Torn casts Greater command on Ukemil, the Hag, and the last reptile "Halt"(18+ Ukemil passes, 8+ reptile fails, 18+ Hag passes; Reptile 19+11=30 vs. SR 13, spell affects reptile)
16: Toriah (-5, sick) moves and kicks the grappled Ukemil (16+ hit, dmg 15)
13: Craven wrestles Ukemil, knocking him out (-17, grapples Ukemil, dmg 5)
11: Kerwyn (-19) attempts to escape from the grapple (9+ vs. 6+, 12+ vs. 19+ fail)
11: Lylamwyn (sick)
9: Lenya (-12, sick) attempts to blast Daagra the Hag (16+ hits, 2+11 vs. SR19, no effect) and backs up
9: Ukemil the Trog (-60, unconscious)
9: large reptile (-41, grappling Kerwyn, commanded to "Halt")
8: Winged Lion (-2, Lammasu) slays the reptile grappling Kerwyn (6+ hit, 12+ hit, 4+ hit, 7+ hit, dmg 31)
7: Daagra the Hag () runs through the Blade Barrier to escape the party (reflex 11+ pass, dmg 34/2=17)
6: Raner () pursues Daagra through the blade barrier (reflex 18+ pass, dmg 34/2=17)
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Torn will cast blade barrier to keep the hag and ogres out of the room. She'll actually aim it directly on the hag if feasible.

If this works, she'll cast greater command at the reptiles, calling for them to "Halt"

Then she'll take the heavy steel sheild and MW morningstar she took from Naquent and lay into them.


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Since the hag seems to be protected, Lenya will now focus her attention on the reptiles, beginning with the ones that appear to be most dangerous to her and her companions.

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