Endur's Return to TOEE part 2

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“Could someone remove this sticky mess here? Or stop this whirlwind?”

Lenya moves away from the whirlwind and pursuits the cultist, once the web is gone, and if she has a chance to hit him with one of her Eldritch Blasts, she will try. She will not blindly charge after him, though.
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First Post
Round 7
13: Large Air Elemental attacks Craven (8+12=20 hit, 6+12=18 miss, dmg 10)
13: The Cultist (-24, Sanctuary) flees down the Southeastern corridor
7: Dire Bear Skeleton pursues the cultist
6: Kerwyn (shield, -23) fires his crossbow at the Air Elemental, but misses (4+ miss) then he moves towards his dagger
6: Toriah (barkskin, -15) attempts to flank attack the Air Elemental, but fails to determine the right place to stab (10+ miss, no flank bonus)
6: Belaver (-18) casts Cure Light Wounds defensively on Craven (concentration check 12+4=16 success, heals 10)
6: Neshi (-33) bites the Elemental (14+ hit, dmg 3+4-5=2)
6: Lenya (-5) moves and blasts the cultist with an empowered eldritch blast (target at 60', 5+7=12 hit, dmg 23)
6: Lylamwyn moves and casts Fireball, dropping the Cultist (dmg 17, Cultist reflex save 10+5=15 failed)
6: Raner (-22) moves back towards the party
6: Craven (-36) calls upon St. Cuthbert and hammers the elemental (10+11+1=22 hit, dmg 17-5=12; 4+ miss; used 2nd smite evil)
6: Torn (-26, barkskin, confused for 9 rounds) runs away from the party towards the room where the party slew the Gnolls
6: Torn's Sword hovers beside her
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Kerwyn fires at the elemental and moves towards where his dagger is. Then he'll reload and fire. And then fire and move. Rinse and repeat untill elemental is dead.

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