[Epic 20] Diablos Ex Machina


We've now got more than 8 applicants (which is the limit of how many I'll start the game with), so please be advised that if I have to pick, I'll be doing so based on Concept 1st, Execution 2nd and Order of Application 3rd.


There is both good and evil in the vastness of the plans, two forces locked in a stalemate since the days were recorded. When a rare champion or exemplar arises, it is soon enough met with an opposing force and both are lessened, if not destroyed.

That is the way of things.

Most of the time.

Only most.

A handful of times across the vastness of history, a great power has arose without a suitable rival to check. Normally, this means the power is isolated and soon enough, in the grand scheme of things, weakens and fades.

Most of the time.

A rare few powers find a way to thrive without drawing to much attention, drawing enough challengers to spur them onward without facing down a losing battle.

And they aren't always good.

Because, every once in a while, evil wins.

Wins Big.

That's when things get interesting.


You are evil.

You are Powerful.

No mortal has ever walked where you now stand, no one could ever so much as dream of the power you wield now. You are at the zenith.

The apex.

The peak.

There is nowhere to go.

There is no challenge left.

No rivals.


All that is left is to wait for the cold hands of time to strip you down to the bone.

Even you have no power to stave off time, and there is no greater power you can gain for yourself.

Only bleakness looms for you, the mightiest of the mighty...

Until the messenger arrived. He was nothing more than a shadow, and his arrival in darkness, despite penetrating your own defenses, was hardly an impressive magic. You would have killed him, if there were substance to kill, which bought him time enough to speak.

Speak he did, and for some reason, you listened. What no magic could compel of you, his words still nearly forced you to hear him.

"There is only one way forward for you, to seek the Paths of Power and the Lambent Flame. For a price, I can show you the way, though it is up to you to walk beyond the door. Seek the City of Brass, and the house of Melchoir. That shall be the beginning of this story."


I had good fun with this concept once upon another time, so I figure I'll give it a go.

The name of the game is Diablos Ex Machina, and it's all about the bad guys. The kind of people who would steal lunch money.

From Darth Vader.


Setting: "Planar" I know a bit of planescape, but only a bit.

Stats: 32 point buy, + level bonuses.

Level: 20th

LA: Let's say 5 max. It's generally problematic beyond that point.

Alignment: Non-good is my only hard requirement - BUT - Lawfull and Evil characters will get more favorable treatment. No complainants if you play CN and some powerful devil turns you into a monkey for being Chaotic. That's the breaks.

If you can't be a team player, you will die. I will literally give you Super Aids (with levels of Cancer Mage) if you try to use Evil as a reason to play like an ass or generally make the game something other than fun.

Races: I'm pretty much open to anything in this regard, just check the sources with me in case it's something I don't have.

Classes: See above.

Wealth: Standard.

XP: 190,000 + (1,000 * 1d10)

Brokenness: If you play a broken character, I will have to use even more broken monsters and make zombie jesus cry. You don't want that. Because then Buddha will come and beat the reincarnations out of you.

House Rules: Oh hells yeah there will be house rules. But I'll save them for another post.

Epic Levels: I'm not going to be using the standard epic rules, but a variant based on the E6 concept. But that's a bridge to cross when we get to it.
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House and Variant Rules

  1. Skills as Saves
  2. Racial Abilities It won't be 100% like that, but you'll get the general idea of it.[sblock=Warforged]<otherwise same as core>
    • 4th level ability: Improved Damage Reduction, an experience warforged has learned to use it's metal plating to absorb blows, and instinctively shifts his body to do so.
    • 8th level ability: Enhanced Fortification, more time in the world has taught the warforged the places it does not want to get struck. With a few minor modifications to it's body, along with an improved sense of awareness, the warforged now has a 50% chance to negate a critical hit or precision based damage.
    • 12th level ability: +1 bonus to Constitution or Strength
    • 16th level ability: Fluidity, by now the warforged has learned to move in a more fluid and natural way, compensating from imperfections in it's base design. A warforged with either the Adamantine Body or Mithral Body feat has it's armor check penalty reduced by 1 and it's max dexterity bonus increased by 1.
    A warforged without these feats has it's base land speed increased by 10 feet.
    In either case, the warforged's arcane spell failure chance is reduced by 5%.
    • 20th level ability: +1 bonus to Constitution or Strength[/sblock]
    [sblock="Ogre"]• 8th level ability: Power Attack
    • 12th level ability: Improved Darvision, an ogre's eyes learn to make out more detail and adjust even more to the darkness letting him add another 60 feet to his Darkvision range.
    • 16th level ability: Smash; When taking the full attack option to make a melee attack, an ogre can forgo interative attacks, making only a single attack for which his normal strength bonus is doubled, as is any damage bonus from Power Attack.[/sblock]
  3. Weapon Group Feats
  4. Armor as DR
  5. Vitality and Wound Points I will have to tweak this a bit, as I've found that at high levels Fort saves are so high that it can take *Days* for something to die once you get it to 0 WP.

Mmm. That *should* be everything.
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I am interested. I keep changing my mind about class' though. I decided to wait and see what people are choosing, then I will find a spot that I believe I can fit in.
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Nac Mac Feegle

First Post
I am intrigued.

I've got a true neutral shapeshifter (Druid) from an old epic game that never really got off the ground. I could repaint him as 'nature red in tooth and claw' to suit evilitude a bit more and update him to 3.5.


Ok, got the house rules posted. Some tweaking remains, but that should get you the general ideas.

One of the original characters in the first DEM was a druid lich. Also had the priest of a nasty sun-god as well as a most excellent fiendish warforged (backstory was he started as a suit of armor that became sentient, much to the horror of the guy wearing him at the time.)


First Post
It sounds kind of interesting, but I dunno about the evil thing.

I'll think about it...see if I get any inspirations.


And of course, the moment I post that, I get an idea. :)

How about a Warforged Warmage? An ancient "living" weapon. I like the warmage idea, but I'd ask if I can use the Eclectic Learning option from PHB2...it lets you learn non-evocation spells with Advanced learning, but at a higher spell level...so say, Invisibility would be a 3rd level spell to the warmage and selectable only with the Advanced Learning ability.

If that rankles, perhaps a Duskblade?

The idea is that the magic manifests as weapons that are hidden in his body. To cast Scorching Ray, for example, he extends a little nozzle, which then shoots fire. And so on. If you've ever seen the end of Iron Giant, you know what I'm going for. :)
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First Post
Yar, I wanted a warmage anyway, so that works. :)

The concept is that he's some ancient civilization's doomsday device. A sentient, ageless engine of destruction...a final "screwya" to whatever force destroyed the civilization in the first place.

Being sentient, it recognizes that the destruction that is its purpose cannot be done haphazardly or without restraint...attempting it would result in its own destruction, and the termination of its mission. As such, it seeks out scenarios and situations where causing massive loss of life and property is either "legitimate" (to someone, somewhere), or at least can be gotten away with. Technically its mission is to cause as much destruction as is possible...which might extend all the way up to the unmaking of the multiverse.

It hasn't decided yet.

Nac Mac Feegle

First Post
Alright, still pulling the mechanical parts together but the character would essentially be the ultimate predator. Ageless (as a benefit of 10 levels of Master of Many Forms) and deadly with a love of travel and hunting everything she considers prey - which basically amounts to everything at this point.

Here's a question: How would you feel about using Fractional BAB. If I went Druid 5/Master of Many Forms 10/Warshaper 5 I'd have 20 levels of 3/4 BAB classes but because of how .75 lines up I'd only get BAB +13, and if I can get 15 I'd qualify for Improved Rapidstrike, which would be excellent for a shapeshifter type.


I think I'd like to play a Fighter, just a plain ol pure fighter.

**edit** I can't decide though between orc, human, or going for something like a giant. :) I'd like to be big and evil.
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