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Escaping the Shadow of Drizzt


Exterminate all rational thought
You want to play a drow. Unfortunately, your group have all read their RA Salvatore, and you can hear the scimitar jokes coming from a mile away. How do you roll up a drow who's so completely different from Drizzt that you're able to escape the onrushing flood of satire?
How do you roll up a drow?

First, take a deep breath.

Second, remember that you're about to roll up a drow.

Third, recall that a drow is simply the race for people that think that Dragonborn aren't cool enuff.

Fourth, don't roll up a drow.


Give him one trait or gimmick that is taken over the top. What makes Jaraxle or Grumph different than Drizzt. It could be a big fancy hat, or a walking cane, or a way that he talks, or threatens people since he is not as nice as Drizzt and he is betting that the stupid northerners automatically like drow now since one lone drow was not so bad out of the whole race.
I’ve been fond of dark elves for a while. Before Drizzt, the first literary dark elf I remember was Dalamar. But honestly, I don’t know how long a shadow Drizzt casts these days. I haven’t seen a dual-wielding drow ranger copy in a long time. Are the kids even reading R.A. Salvatore?

One of my current characters, Lirien, is an optimistic drow illusionist that wears bright colors. Not a single scimitar, tragic backstory, or any brooding to him.


If you avoid rangering, dual scimitar wielding, and black panther befriending you should be fine. Maybe the latter two more than anything. That said, you could create an elderly, overweight, nearsighted, female Drow cleric of Knowledge and you'd still have to put up with Drizzt jokes, so there's that.


There is no escaping the Gary-Stu that is Drizzt. He is everywhere...he could be anyone. He might even be you and you don't know it. And, he will kill you with his lightning-fast speshul scimitars of Salvatore BadA$$dom (TM).

There is no escape...


Expert Long Rester
Sure. Make a Heavy Weapon wielding Drow Barbarian.

Be the Drow Wulfgar. He was always the foil to Drizzt anyway. Strong where Drizzt was quick and impatient where Drizzt was patient. Edit: even flawed where Drizzt was so gary-stu'd.
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