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The last good one IMHO was the Silent Blade, a couple after that were decent the the decline happened with a Thousand Orcs, and fell off a cliff with the 4Evtinrjumoband the resurrection of the companion s.

I liked Wulfgar's struggle with PTSD, struggling to find his place in the world, making mistakes, and coming to terms with them.

I guess The Silent Blade was when I stopped caring about Drizzt.

Edit: Actually I liked that Wulfgar had to struggle with those things and not just be a mary sue, I didn't particularly like the events themselves much.
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Go all in on the old-school bondage stereotype, but play a male drow barbarian. View Maplethorpe photography for inspiration.

"Your barbarian takes the friar's quarterstaff and does what with it‽"

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Play a Paladin / Bard multi-class and you will receive little to no comments about Drizzt. ...You will likely get crap for being a paladin and crap for being a bard non-stop, but you will likely not hear much about Drizzt. In my experience your friends giving and getting crap about character choices, is as much a part of the game as the character choices. I mean honestly one of the great joys in life is giving the people you like as much crap as possible in a save and understand place, where you know its taken in good humor and your going to get as good as you give. That in mind you could go full Drizzt rip off and make your character a fan of the Drizzt legend, so your character is in on the joke, you could do a direct rip off who hates it and is constantly angered by the comparison just to antagonize the comments in game, or you could make your character flawed in some deep and horrible way so they don't think of anything but that flaw and can can't even consider your character in the same thought as Drizzt. Hints the Paladin / Bard multi-class who sings songs inappropriate songs about what his Paladin Patron does to other patrons and/or there moms at inappropriate times or while trying to give a party member "bardic inspiration" and then scold them all the time about how immoral they should never do bad, inappropriate, unlawful things. As a Paladin of the Trickery domain that is completely lawful for you. ; )


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I started playing with 5e, but I'd read a lot of Dragonlance and FR books before that. So I know him.

But everyone else in my group would have no idea who Drizzt is.

So that sample is a 5:1 ratio for 5e people not knowing Drizzt.

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