D&D General Escaping the Shadow of Drizzt


Play a female, spellcaster, strength based or non good aligned.

I did think of rolling one up, he was going to be a Sorcerer, defer to females and call them mistress or otherwise be very formal.

Don't dual wield, be a ranger full stop, or use a scimitar.

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Gith kinda Lise the kewl factor when allowed as PCs.

Same with Drow. They keep watering them down compared to the 1E version. Ruins the whole concept IMHO.

No worries! I've dealt with decades of having pages dedicated to spiders in monster manual after monster manual (don't get me started on that 1e full-page spread!).

But back to drow, I haven't seen that many in Adventurers League play. Maybe two or three, including the one I've got? And none of them were rangers.

If I had to guess, it's the sunlight sensitivity giving disadvantage on attack rolls.

I probably should have wrapped it in spoilers for the arachnophobes.

I'll see if I can figure out how to do that.


I've had Archmage on my to read list for ages but I find I have no desire to actually read it.

The last good one IMHO was the Silent Blade, a couple after that were decent the the decline happened with a Thousand Orcs, and fell off a cliff with the 4Evtinrjumoband the resurrection of the companion s.

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