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Fighting the Gray Tide (Miniature Painting)

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He'll flip ya...Flip ya for real...
#$%^#%$# that's a lot of purple!
Im working on a tag assisted missile attack im calling "purple rain".

I used the Jacguard air brush paints. The base is fluorescent violet and the red and blue highlights are the metallics. I hand painted the gun metal for missile ports and cannons. I used a canary for the canopies which is still my weakness in painting mechs.


Dipping my toes into historical skirmish gaming (Lion Rampant)
This mini is a Carolingian hearthguard. The spear is actually a 1mm thick nylon bristle from a broom. That's a trick to make the mini less fragile. Oh and the print files come with an o-shaped right hand specifically for that reason.


Well, it's now official - I've taken up a project to do a mini for a coworker's character... :rolleyes:

Fortunately, there's a pre-existing figure that's pretty close to what he was envisioning, and I have the picture he found online for his character. But, just for giggles, I also ordered a different figure, basically nude, just in case I decide to get overly invested in the project (like that ever happens, lol) and sculpt all the gear and clothing from scratch.


This is a bit of a weird one, but an old Kickstarter from the Russian company "Tiny Furniture" finally delivered (it got interrupted by a war). It's...a variety of sitting folks - feasting, cheering, pooping...you know. Painted using speed paints for the base and then some highlights.
One of the king's advisors is blue. Why? I am reminded of the blue demons in Etruscan art.


Those aren't supposed to be advisors; they're just three different minis that I posed on more impressive chairs. As for why is that guy blue? I dunno - his feet looked kind of aquatic so I imagined him as some sort of undersea fey lord.

But he could be an advisor, if that's how you imagine him! Maybe he's the Grand Admiral, Undersea Operations.


Last picture of my spearmen, I swear. At least this unit of armoured ones, because they're all done now. I decorated the shields a tiny bit more.
Now on to either the unarmored spearmen, or the armored cavalry. Both of those need airbrush priming first, so both will probably be done in one go.

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