D&D 5E Fixing Channel Divinity: Twilight Sanctuary


Dusty Dragon
Another option:

1st round: Effect works as stated

Subsequent rounds:
Cleric must use a bonus action to focus the soothing twilight on a target - granting the effects of the aura to that target (and only that target). Interferes with spells such as spiritual weapon, but that's the tradeoff.
So round 1 works on everyone. Round 2- forward, it's just a way to "activate" the cleric's bonus action? Hmmm... that could be an avenue...

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I like the earlier idea of any creature only being able to benefit from it once. It's really simple and probably gets the job done, which is my gold standard for a house rule.


Everyone understands the point. You're not addressing why people think it's not a good way to address the issue. You're just repeating you don't like it. We all get it man, that's why I created the thread. Do you have any other thoughts on ways to address the issue?
I made it in post #11.

Adding concentration is an OK fix without going further into the ability mechanics.
Even with concentration it could be too strong.


Actually, I'm thinking.

I like the Initial effect I chose (2d6+cleric level and strip either fear or charm), as that makes it feel beefy.

Advantage on (fear/charm) saves also works. The 1/2 cleric level (min 1) after the fact doesn't feel as good. How about proficiency bonus?

So, creatures of your choice who end their turn in the twilight aura gain temporary HP equal to your proficiency bonus.

So at level 14, you produce ~21 temporary HP on the entire party, then 5 renewing if it is stripped (instead of 7).

The main incentive to stay nearby is the initial temporary HP burst (because it fades if you leave the aura). Once stripped, the benefit of staying in the aura becomes a bit more moderate. I mean, 5 temporary HP/round isn't nothing.

"Leaving the aura" is probably too restrictive with how 5e movement works.

So a reword attempt:


Twilight Sanctuary

You can expend your channel divinity as an action in order to create a 30' radius aura of twilight centered on you that lasts for 1 minute and follows you around. The area is dimly lit, regardless of other light sources, except spells whose level is higher than your proficiency bonus can produce magical light or darkness that changes the light level in the region. Regions brightly lit or in darkness do not count as being inside the aura of twilight.

Creatures of your choice in the aura when you use this ability gain 2d6 plus your cleric level temporary HP, and you can remove one fear or charm effect they are subject to.

All creatures that are in the aura have advantage on saves against fear and charm effects.

Creatures of your choice who end their turn within the aura gain temporary HP equal to your proficiency bonus (remember, temporary HP do not add up; only the largest amount counts).

A creature with temporary HP granted by any part of this ability who ends their turn outside of the aura loses those temporary HP.


This intentionally lasts past your incapacitation and death. I'm ok with the dead cleric providing a sanctum of twilight to protect their allies, at least for the next minute. It seems perfectly thematic.
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Crusty Old Meatwad (he/him)
I made it in post #11.

Adding concentration is an OK fix without going further into the ability mechanics.
Even with concentration it could be too strong.
Can you think of another way to adjust it without concentration being the fix?

Sorry for the necro, I just reduced the radius to 10’ in line with a paladin aura, it also only works in darkness (non-magical) up to torchlight/lantern light to keep with the theme of twilight visibility. This limits it to night or underground/dungeon use and keeps the feel of being a dim light in the darkness.
IMHO, heat metal is much worse but I tweaked it as well.


I have to be honest, I don't see this as overly powerful.

Having used it, in play - it is extremely powerful.

Think of it this way. Everyone in your party has an extra average 7 HP per round (at 4th level, gets higher as you level) that's like a maximum strength mass healing word except no further resources expended - EVERY ROUND. and it's not concentration so the Cleric can also put up bless or spirit guardians etc.

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