Unearthed Arcana For Ranger fans. Does the UA article ‘fix’ the Ranger for you?

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I was mostly fine with the ranger, the replacements for favoured terrain are pretty good (I'm kind of hoping they change Canny to be able to be selected more than once). I'm not so sure about the favoured enemy replacement though. I do feel they need something there so this might be the best way to go.

With all of the options turned on, you can have a wide array of spells to choose from as a ranger, especially if you choose one of the subclasses that brings in additional spells.

bedir than

Full Moon Storyteller
I did enjoy the 2HD version of the Ranger. It seemed to be an interesting way to fuel a survivalist.

The Variable Features UA compels me to play a Ranger now, even if I prefer the Fighter:Scout a bit.

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