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Tales and Chronicles

Jewel of the North, formerly know as vincegetorix
In the Nentir Vale, there's the grim remnants of the Empire's last legion still holding to past traditions and reanimating its deads to make the most of the few soldiers they have left and the slow birth rate. They still think they can re-establish the mighty Nerathi Empire from its northern borders (spoilers: its a lost cause).

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Mur Fostisyr, was an area of northern icebound coastal lands, which was created for ICE's original module, The Iron Wind.

Later, ICE included the same map for Mur Fostisyr which appears on the back cover of The Iron Wind within its poster map for Middle Earth, licensed to ICE by Tolkien Enterprises.

Later still, ICE once again included Mur Fostisyr, this time in the map for Jaiman -- an entirely different planet under its "Shadow World" brand -- at the same time as ICE was continuing to publish licensed setting material for Middle Earth.


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While later descriptions and lore establish that the demigod Iuz is the cambion son of Grazz't and Iggwilv, the first descriptions in 1e left it a mystery.

In the 1e Greyhawk folio he is described as:

"Iuz, old Iuz of fearbabe talk, may be human - or may once have been human, but this is not known for certain one way or another."

Later in the 1e Greyhawk boxed set this gets a bit expanded to discuss the possibility of a cambion aspect, but still no Iggwilv or Grazz't connection.

"Whether Iuz is a human who has become demon-like through the centuries, or whether he is a semi-demon, a cambion (as some suggest a by-blow of Orcus), no mortal knows."


Dusty Dragon
from Yoon-Suin, where the biggest challenge was choosing what to pick...

Po Fe and Xolo.
Centuries ago, a eunuch mercenary-turned warlord called Po Fe had the archmage Gulvedra [see below] take the soul from his body and put into a ruby as big as a large man's fist. Through this, Po Fe thought he could cheat death - Gulvedra would later remove Po Fe's soul from the ruby and put it into a younger, fitter, more virile body than Po Fe's original ageing and genital-less form. But Gulvedra did not keep his side of the bargain, and he planned to use the ruby containing Po Fe's soul for other, more nefarious ends. Po Fe's followers managed to rescue the ruby but, lacking Gulvedra's skill, they were unable to transpose Po Fe's soul to another human body. Eventually, they constructed a giant puppet, 20' high, and placed the ruby within it, and thus Po Fe finally did achieve an immortality of a kind. 276 Po Fe can control his puppet to a point, though he cannot speak. He communicates with crude sign language and by writing in sand. This saps his energy and quickly exhausts him, at which point his helpers use cranes and pulleys to help his movements. His followers later constructed for him a companion - a giant wooden puppet dog called Xolo. Seven of these followers volunteered to have their souls imbued into this creature, and they have animated it ever since. Since they are seven in number they do not tire in the same way that Po Fe does, and they will protect him to the death if he is attacked.


This straddles the line between lore and theory, but it’s just plain weird how things match up:

Strahd is noted as the first vampire. The Sunless Citadel is listed in Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons as a place that echoes across many of the worlds derived from the First, implying that it existed on the First World. The citadel was made by Gulthias, a vampire.

Putting the pieces together gives a big hint that Barovia was originally from the First World, and that the Land of Mist is very old.


ORC (Open RPG) horde ally
Dark Sun
Every building in the city-state of Nibenay is required by law to be absolutely covered in stone carvings.

One of the more disturbing rumors among elf-tribes is that the sorcerer-king of Nibenay is actually a basilisk who is slowly turning the population of his city into stone…

In an empty, strangely becalmed region of the Astral Plane lies a fortress known as Pitiless, run by a pair of twin dwarven brothers affiliated with the Doomguard. Seeking to prove the fundamental truth of their Faction's ideology - that Entropy ensures that everything inevitably falls apart, even the Multiverse itself - the brothers came to the Astral more than a thousand years ago to put this theory to the ultimate test, submitting items and creatures under their care to eternal scrutiny and observation to await the inevitable signs of decay and dissolution even in this supposedly timeless, unchanging void that would unequivocally prove their beliefs to be correct. All manner of items - from mundane pottery, to mighty magical artifacts - are carefully catalogued and stored away, and all manner of creatures kept locked in solitary, isolated cells, some even specially enchanted suppress magic, to while away eternity.

Ideological goals aside, Pitiless is functionally one of the most secure warehouses and private prisons in the Multiverse, for the brothers have spared no expense, including employing a force of fifty frost giant mercenaries, to ensure that nothing save true Entropy itself could harm or alter the subjects of their long, patient watch.
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Duke Nharov Gundar, vampire and darklord of Gundarak, was betrayed by his closest ally and slain by a party of powerful adventurers, who drove a wooden stake through his heart. His skeletal remains were cast into the basement of his castle, now under new ownership. Years later, after the castle was abandoned, the Duke's skeleton was sold as a curiosity to a wandering carnival, where it was on display in a museum of oddities. It was marketed by the museum's owner as the authentic skeleton of Duke Gundar, but even they never believed it was anything but a fake. Eventually, some unlucky soul removed the stake and the Duke returned to furious unlife. No longer confined to his previous domain (itself carved apart and taken by its neighbors), Gundar wanders the Core, plotting his return to power.

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