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D&D (2024) [+] Future of The SRD Speculation Thread


On a related note, what are our expectations for the printable PDF of the Basic Rules? Will that be further revised with tweaked core rules and revised Ancestry/Class rules or just left to whither as a "compatible on-boarding asset"? Or perhaps it'll just get deleted and forgotten once the rules revision hits...? It was updated with errata to ver. 1.0 back in November 2018, so they remembered it as recently as that, but that was over 5 years ago now.

And I'm not worried about the expanded D&D Beyond Basic Rules. It's a whole other beast, in my opinion. (As nice as it is to have access to more PHB/MM content than the printable version, it's nearly all useless without a handy PC or mobile device at the table. I don't play D&D to spend more time at a screen if I can help it, honestly.)

I realize that the staff and situation at WotC is a bit different now from when 5e launched, but if I remember right, the Player's Basic Rules PDF was the first official release of 5e (you had to use sample monsters from the D&D Next playtests at first). The Starter Set and PHB came a bit later in 2014. Then the 5.0 SRD was issued under the old OGL 1.0a a couple years after the books launched, I think.

Is there any chance we'll see that same series of events with D&D5R?
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