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GI Joe, Transformers, My Little Pony RPGs Also Confirmed For 2021

Renegade Game Studios and Hasbro confirmed to Forbes that GI Joe, My Little Pony, and Transformers will be coming as official RPGs, following the already announced Power Rangers tabletop roleplaying game.

While they were hinted at in their press release this week, it hadn't been confirmed that - other than Power Rangers -- these other games would be tabletop RPGS.


Casey Collins at Hasbro told Forbes "“The tabletop and roleplaying games Renegade Game Studios innovated for the Power Rangers franchise have proved to authentically connect with both gamers and the Ranger Nation and we are confident that G.I. Joe, Transformers and My Little Pony fans will love the exciting games coming soon.”

Renegade Game Studios' Scott Gaeta elaborated a little more, confirming that the games would be powered by the D&D 5th Edition rules. "Part of the strategy here is that if we want a GI Joe fan to play an RPG. We want to use the system that’s most common and widely known. Fifth Edition at this point is the common language in RPGs. We went back and forth on our discussions but we landed on Fifth Edition being what we wanted to use to achieve our design goals.”

The games should be released in 2021.


These aren't the only animated properties seeing new RPG revivals. Recently D&D Beyond owner Fandom announced Legends of Grayskull: The Masters of the Universe Roleplaying Game, and a Dragon Prince RPG, powered by the Cortext Prime system. Additionally, Monolith Edition recently announced a Batman roleplaying game.
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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey

Cyclonus: "You did WHAT?!"
Whirl: "I multiclassed into Warlock!"
Cyclonus: DM, I wish to roll a D20 check.
DM: Uh, what for?
Cyclonus: Because I need to see if I can kill this fool and not suffer actual repercussions for it.
DM: I mean, sure. dice is rolled You scored a 20!
Whirl: Oh lookiee here at mr. big shot here. Now he thinks he's hot slag now for rolling that Nat 2-gets a hole blown through his head by Cyclonus, who has a wide ass grin on his face upon the roll's success

And that was the last time a human crew mate tried teaching the game of DND to a bunch of Cybertronians.

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I don't want to imagine what will happen when fandom discover Jakandor also had got its own magic mechas by the both factions.

I wonder about Hasbro's plans to create a d20 system what allows RPGs based in manga fiction. I also feel curiosity about fandom creating their own worlds, explaining the reasons because the mechas are used and not other type of war technology. Said with other words, Hasbro wants its own "Play Manga d20".

Renegades said games based in those franchises, but it didn't mean all would be TTRPGs. I guess we will see board games with miniatures as Power Rangers Heroes of the Grid. River Horse has got the licence for MLP (G4). I can't imagine two TTRPGs of MLP in the market. And d20 is too complex for preteens. It would be easier Renegades publishing Hero-Quest games based in other franchises, for example Zelda for the market of the preteens.



I LOVE The NamcoXCapcom/Super Robot Wars OG Endless Frontier/Project X Zone series.

Don't forget that Super Robot Wars is also technically connected to it as well since Haken, from Endless Frontier, also appeared in Super Robot Wars: The Moon Dwellers as well. And Kos-Mos herself as also appeared in both NamcoXCapcom and Endless Frontier, technically making her somewhat a part of the Super Robot Wars series as well.Endless Frontier is a Spin-Off of Super Robot Wars. While Project X Zone 2 is also a sequel to NamcoXCapcom since Reiji and Xiaomu are the Main OG Characters of that game. (they were ALSO the Main OG Characters of NamcoXCapcom AND party members in Endless Frontier, linking them to Super Robot Wars as well.)

And since Go Lion(Voltron) was in Super Robot Wars W IIRC, then technically that means Transformers and Sentai can also be considered potential candidates for the series too. In fact, I'm surprised by the fact that Transformers or even Zyruranger's Megazord have yet to appear in Super Robot Wars.

Evangelion is also in the SRW multiverse! And you know who got an Evangelion crossover? That's right: Shinkalion!

Okay... and Transformers.

And the X (pronounces 'cross') multiverse includes the Mega Man franchise, since (Megaman) X, Zero and Tron Bonne appears in there... and the Sakura Taisen universe as well.

I was thinking and I guess they will not be based in specific continuities but news mixing the previous. For example MLP will add things from G1 and G4. Among other reasons because the Mane Six group "did all the work", and players want to create new characters who save the kingdom.

I hadn't read the original new where they said the plan is to allow brand-crossovers. How would be the characters of Equestria Girls (the humans spin-off) as Power Rangers? How could G.I.Joe troops to defeat Rita Repulsa's minions and kaijus, or decepticons? Could the manimals (cancelled project) come back? Hasbro's characters vs "guest artists", for example Action Man, Visionaries or Inhumanoids.

What about alternate universes? In some continuities they are canon.


Halloween Horror For 5E


Halloween Horror For 5E