Graduation and Vacation Photos

Silver Moon

Just a few pictures from my recent Doctoral graduation.


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Silver Moon said:
Business Administration with a concentration in Health Administration

Don't believe him. He combined a doctorate in nuclear physics with a MD in gynecology. He's just being shy.

No, really. Would I make this up?

Silver Moon

Piratecat said:
Don't believe him. He combined a doctorate in nuclear physics...
Err, yeah, right. The closest I come to physics is making things with my kids Lego blocks.

Piratecat said:
with a MD in gynecology.
Sorry, but Eric's Grandma won't let me comment about that one.

Piratecat said:
He's just being shy. No, really. Would I make this up?
Me shy? Come on Kev, you know me better than that. Look at it this way, my now having "Doctor" in my name will add to the credibility when we start the "Defenders of the Daybreak Home for Aged Gamers".

BTW, I've also started a "Travelogue" of the trip that can be found at the following link:
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Silver Moon

Some photos - Dinner with Dad on our last night in Fort Lauderdale; Jani standing next to Neil Armstrong's space suit from the first moon landing; Meeting retired Astronaut Richard Searfoss at the Kennedy Space Center.


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First Post
Its too bad Kris hates to have her picture taken. i would adore to see what she looks like now that I know what the rest of the family looks like.


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Congratulations Silver Moon!

One of the people in my gaming group just finished his PhD in Engineering. It took him seven years while working full-time, so I have a good idea of how much hard work you must have put into it.

Great job, doc!
(who is not pursuing any further studies past earning my PE license. It's not that I'm afraid of all the hard work. I'm not afraid of hard work at all; heck, I could sit and watch it for hours!)
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