D&D (2024) Greyhawk Confirmed. Tell Me Why.

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Morkus from Orkus
As I said, WotC has neither the interest nor the resources to support ongoing book lines for seven different settings. You would create the scenario of settings cannibalizing other setting's sales because most people do not have the money or interest to buy seven different settings all at once. So WotC has opted to lightly touch on each setting and then let the DM find or create their own beyond it.

If you wanted the deep lore dive of yesteryear, then decide which setting or two you would want focused on the exclusion of all others. Maybe Faerun and Eberron? (They are perennial favorites). All other settings getting harvested for parts and only nodded to in restrospectives? Because you can't have Deep cuts on seven worlds, so you sacrifice Greyhawk, Planescape, Ravenloft, Dragonlance and Spelljammer to get more info on Faerun or Eberron. That's the Sophie's Choice.
You wouldn't need to cut that much to add depth. If you ditched only Spelljammer, which gave almost no actual setting material, you would have a bunch of pages to split up. If you took half those total pages and added them to Planescape, and added the other half to the Forgotten Realms, you would have decent sized setting books that give significantly more information on those settings.

I am very interested to know what is up with those in the text, if anything.

I will note that we are getting 5 sample Advebtures, with 15 maps between them. There are 6 dungeons named on this map, including one thst is in Quests from the Infinite Stiarcase (Tsojcanth). It is possible that the sample Advebtures may or may not relate to:

  • Castle Greyhawk (near the Free City getting a poster map)
  • The Temple of Elemental Evil
  • The Ghost Tower of Iverness
  • Maure Castle
  • The Tomb of Horrors
The Ghost Tower of a City in Scotland would make a decent sample dungeon. It's relatively small and has lots of clichés archetypical features.

ToEE is too big for a sample adventure, ToH is in TftYP, which is still "current", I don't know Mauve Castle.

Castle Greyhawk would make for a good old school "here is the start of a megadungeon, now you draw the rest" example.


Morkus from Orkus
I'm a bit sceptical about this claim.

Prompted by learning about Quests From the Infinite Staircase, I'm reading my copy of Beyond The Crystal Cave. The small fishing port of Sybar has a 5th level cleric and a 5th level MU among its inhabitants. And a magical garden in its hinterland.

The DMG City/Town encounter matrix, which presumably is suitable for use in GH cities and towns, has an indentured MU as part of each guards encounter, and an indentured cleric as part of each watch encounter.

There are plenty of MUs and clerics on the random NPC tables in the DMG too. The rulers of GH, according to the Gazetteer and boxed set, include plenty of high level magic-using PCs. The City of GH boxed set gives us a magical university, a wizard's guild and a Society of Magi as features of the place.

You can hardly throw a stone in the Great Kingdom without hitting a demon summoner or their summoned fiend.


GH, as a setting, is permeated by magic.
Not to mention the history. The two nations that went to war and used such high magic that the war culminated in twin magical apocalypses which included the Rains of Colorless Fire that created the Sea of Dust. Greyhawk has never struck me as lacking in magic compared to the Realms.


It's got an older vintage than that. It was Rob Kuntz's megadungeon that Gary and Co. played in back when D&D was young.
But, in any case, likely a tad too large for a sample dungeon.

Heh, I wonder if the Temple of Moloch from the original DMG - the sample map and dungeon that was in the 1e DMG - could make the cut. Probably not. Still WAYYYY too big.

I imagine that the sample dungeons would only be a couple of pages long, at most. Think Candlekeep Mysteries length and probably half that. One map, 5-8 keyed locations and that's likely about all she wrote.

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