D&D (2024) Greyhawk Confirmed. Tell Me Why.

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Right, and it's probavly a quick shorthand to help new DMs remember those are the Viking lands.

Also, the Scarlet Brotherhood region is titled "Shar" now.

Really curious to see the write-up, but it really looks like it might be about as detailed as the original Folio.
Well the Scarlet Brotherhood was supposed to be a secret, so it makes sense to give that land a name other people would call it.


I am very interested to know what is up with those in the text, if anything.

I will note that we are getting 5 sample Advebtures, with 15 maps between them. There are 6 dungeons named on this map, including one thst is in Quests from the Infinite Stiarcase (Tsojcanth). It is possible that the sample Advebtures may or may not relate to:

  • Castle Greyhawk (near the Free City getting a poster ma)
  • The Temple of Elemental Evil
  • The Ghost Tower of Iverness
  • Maure Castle
  • The Tomb of Horrors
Ya know what, I said this sort of jokingly, but going back to the sources here this could actually work if they did only 3 Lecels for Castle Greyhawk and soke of the maps for Iverness include multiple Levels od the tower. That would explain why they are marked on the map (and Tsojcanth is free on Beyond, too).


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I'm happy with the new map. The name changes don't offend me (and, for the most part, already existed in previous lore). The name that didn't change and now sticks out is the Bandit Kingdoms!

My current campaign is apparently now in the Plains of the Ulakandar!


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