Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Sphynx conveys that he would like to follow the kobolds, discretely and at a distance, to make sure of their destination.
It appears that this ravine is home to a variety of denizens, malevolent denizens. I think we should stick to your original task, first, and go straight at the kobolds. Freeing a fat merchant will be bonus.”
Hide: d20+7 = 21
Move: d20+6 = 19

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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth

The Kobolds disappear into the copse of trees just south of Cave #1. Apparently, their "trap," whatever it is, is there. Hawke points to a narrow gap (indicated by the red arrows) where the party can cross from their wooded area to that of the Kobolds', while risking minimal exposure. The party agrees, and crosses at that point. As you cross the gap, you can hear screechy, Draconic-speaking Kobold voices ahead, talking to each other about their trap. The party has a +5 bonus to their stealth rolls (hide and move) because the Kobolds are distracted.

Sphynx: Hide 21 (+5= 26), Move 19 (+5= 24)
Nimbar: Hide 22 (+5= 27), Move 27 (+5= 32)
Hawke: Hide 11 (+5= 16), Move 7 (+5= 12)

Chance for nearby Humanoids as you cross the gap = 1 in 1d6.
Roll = 5 (Success! No one nearby!)

Nearest 2 Kobolds Listen & Spot:
Listen: 18,12 (Both hear something)
Spot: 20,13 (One of them sees Hawke!)

The other 6 Kobolds are too far away to hear or see the party.

Thus, 2 Kobolds will roll initiative, the other 6 will be surprised.

The Kobolds aren't setting a mechanical trap, they are busy putting spikes into trees, so that they can perch in them, and leap down on unsuspecting victims from above. As the party gets close enough to see this, Hawke unwittingly steps on a crunchy leaf, giving away his position. Nimbar curses as he hears the following words in Draconic:

Kobold #1: "Hey, look, there's someone over there!"

It is now time for initiative. There are 8 Kobolds within easy melee range, but only 2 of them are alert enough to act in the surprise round.

Sphynx: (27)
Nimbar: (20)
Hawke: (14)
Kobold #2: (8)
Kobold #1: (4)

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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Within the copse of trees, there is dense vegetation and foliage; vision is at 75% (i.e. missile attacks are made at -2 to hit, because of how difficult it is to see, and because of how many branches and bushes are in the way.)

Movement is also at 75%; those people with 30' move will be reduced to 20' move rate. (This includes the Kobolds as well.)

Line of sight for spells is not hindered, although spells which require a ranged touch attack will still be at a -2 penalty to hit.

Each square is 5 ft.



Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Not wanting to light up the dark with the illumination of a magic missile, Sphynx intends to ease around in front of Nimbar and cross behind the kobold as it makes its way toward Hawke, stabbing it in the back with his dagger. If unable to close enough, or if spotted, he will launch a dart, instead.
d20 = 14
Damage = d4 + d6 = 6

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Distance from Sphynx to Kobold #02: 25 ft.
Sphynx realizes that he needs to move slightly (1 square adjustment) to be within optimum range.
Adjusted range: 20 ft. (+1 to hit for being within PB range, less than 30')
Thrown weapon penalty from foliage: -2
Base d20 roll = 14; Modifier from Dex = +4. Total roll = 19.
19-2 = Hits AC 17. This hits.
Kobold is flat-footed / subject to sneak attack.
Damage: 6 pts. Kobold is down.

Seeing that his original intent has proven unfeasible, Sphynx takes a small step forward, and throws a dart at the closest Kobold (#02); the dart strikes the creature squarely in the chest, piercing both his thick, leather armor, and his rough, spiny hide. He grabs the dart, gasping in astonishment, with the apparent intent of removing it, but a wave of weakness overcomes him, and he crumples to the ground, his green, Draconic blood leaking onto the ground. Sphynx remains unseen at this point.

Nimbar and Hawke are up next. Stay tuned.
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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Nimbar casts Whelm. DC 15.
Kobold: 13 (Failed.)
Kobold #01 takes 5 points of non-lethal damage. Kobold is Staggered.
Hawke charges Kobold #05
Charge + Pounce: 20,29,15 (3 hits)
Damage: 11,6,5 = 22 pts. total damage.
Kobold is DEAD. [-17]

Nimbar, opting for subtlety, spreads him palm wide, and thrusts his arm forward, muttering quietly; Kobold #01 gets a look of confusion and weariness upon his countenance, as his mind is slammed with stunning energy. He does not cry out, but he does look as if he suddenly has a purpose in mind. What that purpose might be, is anyone's guess.

Hawke, without making a sound other than the crunching of leaves and twigs as he runs, closes the gap with the unsuspecting remaining Kobolds. At the end of his charge, he whirls around, bringing his hammers down three times upon Kobold #05, any of the three of which would have proved fatal. The unwary Kobold is struck DEAD in less than a fraction of a second.

To imagine what the Pounce ability looks like, imagine Jeff Speakman in the movie, "The Perfect Weapon," when he strikes multiple times in the space of a second with his Escrima Sticks.

Kobold #01, who is very wobbly on his feet thanks to Nimbar's spell, uses a move action to draw a javelin from his back-rig. He is moving slowly, and does not seem to be completely aware of his surroundings.




Sphynx: (27)
Nimbar: (20)
Hawke: (14)

All Other Kobolds: (8)
Kobold #02: (Bleeding out) (8) .....[Hit pts: -2]
Kobold #01: (4)

SPHYNX: It is once again your turn! Kobold #01 is still a threat, although he does not look to be 100% aware. None of the Kobolds (including #01) are flat-footed anymore; however, you can still throw your Dart with Sneak Attack, provided that you can make the necessary rolls to remain hidden. What do you do?
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Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Sphynx sees that the closest Kobold may still be an issue. He takes another dart and looses it at him, sliding forward a step as he does.
OOC: 5' adjustment
Hide: d20+7 = 19
Attack: d20 + 4 = 20
Damage: d4 + d6 = 6

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Sphynx Hide check: 19
Nimbar Hide check: 10
Hawke's Hide check: NIL (He is attacking)
Kobolds #'s 3,4,6,7,and 8 Spot checks: 22,20,22,6,10.
(Three of the five can see Sphynx and Nimbar.)
Kobold #1 (Staggered) Spot check: 14
(The staggered Kobold can see Nimbar, but is unaware of Sphynx.)
Sphynx's attack roll (20) hits.
Kobold #1 takes 6 pts. of real damage.
Kobold #1 collapses and begins to bleed out.
Nimbar casts a spell on himself and moves forward 20 ft.


Seeing that Kobold #1 is still a threat, Sphynx launches another dart. It is obvious that some of the other Kobolds have spotted Sphynx, as evidenced by the looks of dismay on their faces, as they helplessly watch their comrade, still confused and not completely aware, fall victim to Sphynx's second dart. As before, the leather armor and tough hide prove unable to prevent the dart from piercing deeply, and like his fellow before him, this Kobold succumbs as well, collapsing to the ground, where he starts to bleed out.

At this point, Nimbar casts a spell upon himself, perhaps some sort of ward, and moves forward 20 feet, having a bit of trouble making his way through the dense undergrowth. As he is moving, he draws his rapier, wanting to be ready for the coming fight.

HAWKE is up next. Stay tuned.
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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Whirling Frenzy: 3 attacks, all at +7 to hit.
Attack rolls: 23,12,16 (2 hits)
Damage, Attack #1: 9 pts. (Kobold goes down.)
Damage, Attack #2: 15 pts. (Kobold is KILLED instantly!)
Hawke currently has AC 19 from WF.
Hawke currently has +2 Reflex save bonus from WF.

Hawke takes a 1-square diagonal NW adjustment, and lays into the unprepared Kobolds with savage ferocity! Hawke swings at three, separate Kobolds who are within reach of his hammers, but one of them manages to duck just in time; however, his other two comrades are not so lucky. The first Kobold (#4) takes a blow to the head which lifts him off of his feet, and flips him onto the ground, face first. After he lands, he ceases to move.

The second recipient of Hawke's rage (Kobold #8) takes a blow directly to his small chest, which is caved in completely, causing the creature to spit up a large amount of green blood, as he collapses to the ground, having died instantly.

KOBOLDS are up next. Stay tuned.

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Kobold #7 Attack (7) = Miss
Kobold #3 Attack (Flanking) (25) (Confirmation = 6, no crit) = Hit
Kobold #6 Attack (Flanking) (22) = Hit
Damage, K#3 = 5 pts.
Damage, K#6 = 6 pts.
Hawke takes a total of 11 points damage from two, well-timed spear attacks.

Much to the party's surprise, the Kobolds do not cry out in alarm, nor do they flee. Instead, they growl in a gutteral tone, and draw their well-made spears, turning their attention to what they perceive as the biggest threat; the giant in their midst whom has just downed three of their fellows.

Kobold #7, Speaking Draconic: "Die, interloper!"

Kobold #7, who had been the one lucky enough to dodge Hawke's hammer, is not lucky enough to make it past Hawke's defenses; the big warrior easily deflects the spear blow.

However, Hawke is not expecting the other two Kobolds to move to flank him; Kobolds #3 and #6 do just that, and Hawke is unable to fend them off. Both of them jab him with their spears, although both hits are superficial wounds. However, Hawke realizes that he won't be able to take many more such hits before he begins to get worn down.

Kobold #3, Speaking Draconic: "The bigger they are..."

Kobold #6, Speaking Draconic: "The harder they fall!"

Kobolds 1,2, and 4 continue to bleed out.
Kobold 8 is DEAD.
Kobold 5 is DEAD.
Kobold 4 = -5
Kobold 2 = -3
Kobold 1 = -2

Hawke: AC 19: Hit pts. = 31. Damage taken: 11 pts.


SPHYNX: It's your turn! What do you do?

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