Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
First Strike Against The Goblins!

Nimbar, Hide Check: 23
Nimbar, Move Sliently Check: 24
Nimbar, Survival Check (Tracking): 20

Tellerian, Hide Check: 23
Tellerian, Move Silently Check: 14

Sphynx, Hide Check: 21
Sphynx, Move Silently Check: 17

The party proceeds with caution into the ravine, following Nimbar's lead. Sphynx, you notice that both Nimbar and Tellerian are skilled at moving stealthily, although Tellerian seems less-so than Nimbar. In fact, of the three of you, Tellerian makes the most noise, but having said that, the amount of noise the big man is making is remarkably little. And as for staying hidden, it seems that all three of you are equally skilled, which is definitely a good thing in a situation like this.

Nimbar stops to look at a track; after a moment's pause, he turns back and whispers:

Holding his fist up, to indicate "stop": "Lots of small, booted tracks here, all recent. Kobolds don't wear coverings on their feet. These tracks must be Goblin tracks."

Nimbar returns to the task of advancing stealthily; the party makes its way up the switchback toward the suspected Goblin cave. No one notices any activity in the ravine. It seems that the party's approach has gone unnoticed. As the party reaches the mouth of the cave, Nimbar motions "all-stop" once again. He peers around the corner momentarily, then turns back to the party. He holds up TWO FINGERS, and points toward the west wall. He then points to himself and to Tellerian, and makes a fist, and pretends to pound the palm of his hand. You get the sense that he wants to attack. Tellerian nods, as he unhooks both of his hammers from his back rig. He nods again, to show that he is ready. Nimbar looks back at Sphynx, waiting for some sort of confirmation signal.

Sphynx: What do you do?

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Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Sphynx nods and pulls the long dagger from his left, knee-high boot and holds it, point down, in his left hand, He simultaneously draws a feathered spike from his belt holding it ready to throw in his right. The weighted dart has a smooth shaft of iron as long as his forearm. It looks like a very elongated tear drop with feathers to aid its flight tied to the narrow end.

He vibrates the dart slightly and gestures to himself and to the right.
OOC: As soon as the signal is given, Sphynx will step out and throw the dart at the goblin on the right. Throw: d20+4 = 13 + 4 = 17
Damage: d4 + d6(sneak) = 4 + 5 = 9... wow good rolls
Init: d20 + 8 = 5 + 8 = 13

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Approaching the Goblin Cave

Goblins turned away from Cave Entrance = -2 Spot
Goblins quietly talking to each other = -2 Listen
Light breeze whistling through cave = -2 Listen

Goblin totals:

Goblin 1: Listen 16, Spot = 8
Goblin 2: Listen 13, Spot = 1

Goblin #2 is completely surprised, because he did not see or hear the party approach.
Goblin #1 is not surprised; he hears Hawke making noise outside, but he is not sure what the noise is.

Goblin #1 will roll for initiative.

Goblin #1: 17

Sphynx: 13
Hawke: 12
Nimbar: 11

On his turn, Goblin #1 hears something, and hesitates. He shushes Goblin #2, and says something, as he draws his weapon, a crude morningstar.

Goblin #1: "Gobbledee gook, preeka domai chuk?"

GM: No one in the party speaks Goblin. You have no clue what he said, but it sounded like a question, judging by his tone of voice, and inflection.

The Goblin walks forward, his friend momentarily confused by his action. As he reaches the mouth of the cave, he gasps in surprise as he sees the party. However, he is not fast enough to raise the alarm before the party can strike!

GM: Drawing his weapon and speaking to his friend was his first move action; walking to the mouth of the cave was his second. He is not surprised, nor is he flat-footed, but he is out of actions, and very exposed.

This was the surprise round. Goblin #1 acted first, and Goblin #2 cannot act at all. It is now Sphynx's turn. Sphynx: A simple sidestep, which can be done as a free action, will put you at a good angle to throw your dart at Goblin #1, without your friends getting in the way. The Goblin raises his shield, hoping to block your dart, but he is too slow. You hit him square in the throat, and the wound is nearly fatal, but not quite. [Since he was not flat-footed, you were not able to apply sneak attack damage.] The Goblin rasps in horror, unable to scream, clinging to life by the thinnest of threads. His morale fails him, and he drops his weapon, shrinking to the ground into a fetal position. He has effectively surrendered.

Hawke moves in quickly, easily covering the 25 foot distance, to close with the surprised Goblin. The Goblin's eyes widen as he sees his friend fall, and the big man come around the corner and into the cave with him.

Hawke cannot charge, because he has to turn a corner to reach the Goblin. He can only make one attack, since he had to take a move action.

Hawke's attack: (+9): (22) = Hit. Damage (1d8+5) = 3+5 = 8 pts.

The surprised Goblin can only watch with horror as Hawke brings the massive warhammer down on his head. The weapon cracks the Goblin's skull with a "whum-pink" sound, which is noticable, but not what one would consider to be loud. The Goblin slumps to the ground, where he begins to bleed out, blood trickling out of both ears.

Goblin 1 cannot speak, is not moving, is prone, and has 1 hit point.
Goblin 2 is unconscious, and dying.

With speed and efficiency borne of highly specialized scout training, Nimbar steps forward, and stabs the prone Goblin with his rapier. Both Goblins are now dead.

Sphynx: What do you do?
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Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Sphynx makes a simple trill like a bird and motions for the others to be still for a second. He looks around and listens intently to see if any further danger might have noticed the quick combat.

If nothing of note is heard, he will sheath his dagger then go to retrieve and clean his dart. He will then search the goblins, looking for anything of value or interests.

[sblock=rolls]Listen: d20 + 8 = 20
Spot: Spot: d20 + 8 = 19
Search: d20 + 9 = 22[/sblock]

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Searching the two Goblins results in:
2 small suits of Leather Armor (decent condition)
2 small Morningstars (average condition)
4 small javelins (average condition)
2 pouches of foodstuffs (mostly dried meat, and dried fruit---actually fair quality, suitable for Human consumption)
A total of 13 silver pieces (6 sp from Goblin #1, 7 sp from Goblin #2)

Sphynx, you can hear faint, distant sounds, echoing through the cave. There are definitely other Goblins about, but you think that there are none nearby. Of course, this could change, if any of them decide to move about. Depending on how deep the cave goes, and how often the Goblins patrol, you might encounter more Goblins very soon. You feel that time is of the essence here.

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Supplemental Info About The Goblin Cave

Red X's = Dead Goblins
Yellow O's = Party Members
Green N's = Direction where you suspect noises are coming from


Hawke whispers, "I don't like this. I hear the noises as well, and it sounds like there are many active Goblins. There's likely to be a patrol soon. We could probably mop the floor with the little buggers, as long as we can find a defensible position. But we should be extremely careful, because there's always the possibility of getting overrun."

Nimbar nods, whispering, "Agreed. I think it's time for spells."

Nimbar casts Mage Armor on himself. [+4 AC, Duration: 3 hrs.]
Sphynx, you can cast a defensive spell also, if you like.

After the few seconds it takes to cast spells, Sphynx detects no change in the apparent distance of the noises he heard.

Sphynx: What do you do?
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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth

You can see that the forward passage is empty, and dead-ends about 40 feet from the party's current position.
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Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Hawke whispers, "I don't like this. I hear the noises as well, and it sounds like there are many active Goblins. There's likely to be a patrol soon. We could probably mop the floor with the little buggers, as long as we can find a defensible position. But we should be extremely careful, because there's always the possibility of getting overrun."

Nimbar nods, whispering, "Agreed. I think it's time for spells."

Sphynx confiscates the rations, the coins, and the javelins. He deposits the food and coins in appropriate locations about his body. He carries all of the javelins in his left hand. He nods toward Nimbar and whispers. "Good idea."
OOC: He then casts Mage Armor on himself.

He looks at Hawke to continue the thought process. "We will need a light source to continue farther in. That is easy, but I do not care for the idea of being pinned in the middle of two forces. We can make a little more noise and ambush whoever comes to investigate; otherwise, I am for moving into the left. At this point, I favor the ambush."

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
The Ambush is Laid Out

The party moves back to the cave entrance, which takes one round. You also roll the bodies of the dead goblins down the slope (which also takes one round); the bodies are indicated by the red Xs. Nimbar takes the position on the left side of the cave mouth. Hawke and Sphynx are on the right side of the cave mouth, with Hawke being the furthest left. Nimbar casts a spell, and a glowing, humanoid form appears at position B.The form can travel up to 130' feet away from Nimbar, so he sends it down the left hallway, to the position marked with a green X (a distance of 60 feet, i.e., a double-move, which takes one round.) A cry of alarm is heard as Goblins begin to shriek in their language. Nimbar orders the glowing figure to move 60 ft. back to its original position (B) which is another round.
GM: During that same round in which the form is returning, the Goblins give chase, using their running speeds; this means that besides giving chase, they can take no further actions that round. The Surprise Round is the 5th round since the party moved to the mouth of the cave, and the 3rd round since Nimbar's spell was cast.
GM: The Goblins are so intent upon the glowing figure, that they fail to consider the possibility of ambush; they are, in effect, surprised.


From the direction indicated below by the green arrow, 12 Goblins rush into the corridor, intent upon attacking the glowing figure (indicated by the green F.) They do not notice the party members at the mouth of the cave.

In the distance, in the direction from whence came the Goblins, you hear a shriek: "BREEE-YARRKK!!"
GM: Initiative Count:Sphynx 27
Hawke 8
Nimbar 7
Goblins 5 (Goblins will not act at all during surprise round.)

Sphynx: your preternatural reflexes allow you to go first, before anyone else can act. The Goblins are surprised, but they are not considered flat-footed (which means no sneak attack possible.) ...What do you do?
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Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Having no ability or talent to magically effect the group of goblins, Sphynx resolves himself to engage, anyway. After the sum of his previous life experiences, he is not prone to retreat.

He fans the fingers of each hand and rolls them back to a pressed position with his thumbs in his palms and the tips pointed toward the goblins. Two white shards of light, about the size of his darts, streak into the goblins.
OOC: Cast Magic Missile: (d4 + 1) x2 = 4 each.
If his number of missiles is per level and not HD, he can only fire 1.

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth

GM: Goblin #1: 2-4 = -2; Goblin is unconscious and dying.
Goblin #2: 6-4 = 2; Goblin is severely wounded.

Sphynx takes a single step, in order to gain line of sight to the Goblins; he utters a single word of power, and two streams of light spring forth from his hands; two Goblins are struck in the chest, one of which collapses to the ground immediately, the other whom clutches his chest and screams in agony.

Hawke uses Whirling Frenzy: +2 AC and Reflex Saves, +1 Attack [all at -2], +4 Str.
Current AC: 19
Attacks: 3 (16,22,23) = All three attacks hit.
Damage: 15,15,12.

Tellerian steps into the cave entrance, standing in the spot where the first of Sphynx's Goblins collapsed. The Goblins are totally unprepared for the big warrior's onslaught; Tellerian lays waste to three Goblins, including the one who was wounded by Sphynx's second missile, with three, well-placed blows to the head, cracking three Goblin skulls like ripe watermelons.

Tellerian scowls at his opponents! "DEATH TO ALL DENIZENS OF JOTUNHEIMR!!" he curses. He does not scream, rather, it is more like a firm command, loud enough to be heard in close company, but not loud enough to carry down the tunnels. But he is clearly enraged, staring at the Goblins with enmity born of a hatred of their kind.

Goblin #2: 2-15 = -13. Goblin is dead.
Goblin #4: 3-15 = -12. Goblin is dead.
Goblin #5: 9-12 = -3. Goblin is unconscious / bleeding out.

Just after Tellerian steps into the cave, Nimbar follows suit, casting a Sleep spell into their midst, targeting the Goblins in the back ranks.

Goblin #7: 13 (Failed Save)
Goblin #8: 16 (Made Save)
Goblin #10: 9 (Failed Save)
Goblin #11: 4 (Failed Save)

All but one of the Goblins falls asleep. In under 6 seconds, the party has successfully taken 7 of the 12 Goblins out of commission!


IT IS NOW ROUND 1 OF COMBAT. (The surprise round is over.) The Goblins are no longer surprised, but they are still flat-footed, since they haven't had a chance to act yet. It is now once more Sphynx's turn. Hawke is in a good position to take but another single step into another group of 3 Goblins. SPHYNX: What do you do?
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Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Sphynx grins in a vulpine manner. The look is much more feline in nature but the common tongue lacks suitable vocabulary. He moves a step forward, drawing his dagger in his right hand and reaching to touch the goblin in front of him with his left. Speaking an archaic word, his hand glows an eerie blue as he reaches forward.
OOC: Touch Attack: d20 = 13
Chill Touch: d6 = 4
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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Goblin Touch AC: 12; Flat-footed Touch AC: 11
Touch Attack: (13) Hits
Flat-footed: Sneak Attack allowed; any spell delivered as the result of a touch attack qualifies for Sneak Attack.
NOTE: Sneak Attack damage is the same damage type (in this case, Negative Energy) as the spell's damage type.
Sneak Attack damage: 3 pts. (Total Damage = 7 pts.)
Goblin #3: 5-7 = -2 hit pts; Goblin is unconscious and dying.

As Sphynx touches the Goblin, a look of horror crosses its countenance, as its skins shrivels and turns gray. The Goblin screams weakly, before collapsing in a heap, clearly in the throes of impending death.

Hawke takes a 1 square adjustmentment diagonally down to the right.
Attacks: (25) (16) (18) - 1 Confirmed Crit (15), 2 Hits.
Damage: 15, 23, 11;
Goblin #6: 8-15 = -7; Goblin is down and bleeding out.
Goblin #8: 5-23 = -18; Goblin is dead.
Goblin #9: 5-11 = -6; Goblin is down and bleeding out.

Hawke steps lightly into the middle of 3 more Goblins and makes short work of them; he fells 2 with brutal blows to the head, and a third one he kills instantly with a blow that crushes his chest completely, knocking both the wind and the life from him in an instant.

Goblin save: (DC 15): 3 (Fail)
Whelm Damage: 9
Goblin #12: 8-9 = -1; Goblin is knocked out by non-lethal damage.

Lastly, to prevent him from running, Nimbar uses a distance spell that he normally reserves for reconnaissance missions; he points at the remaining Goblin, who wears a look of dismay and appears to be preparing to run. A blue light zaps the Goblin in the forehead, and his eyes roll back in his head, and he collapses to the ground, unconscious, but otherwise unharmed.

Nimbar eyes the 4 helpless Goblins, "Their friends probably heard this. We're gonna have more any minute. Put them down, quickly!"


WE ARE STILL IN COMBAT ROUNDS! Sphynx: It is once more your turn. What do you do?
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Creator of The Untamed Wilds
His hand still glowing the eerie blue, Sphynx rolls forward, coming to stand directly in front of the goblin 3 strides forward of him. He reaches out to slap him with the chilling hand while thrusting his dagger at the opponent to his right.
OOC: Touch: d20 = 2, Attack = d20 - 4 = 7
If I remember correctly, -4 is the penalty for off-hand. Obviously, all effort was inept.

Making an off-hand attack can only be done if you move 1 square or less during the round; otherwise, you only get your primary attack.

Since you rolled twice, I am going to split the difference, and take your highest roll as your primary attack die roll. (11)

Your touch attack = d20 (11) + 4 = 13. That hits.

You apply Damage from the spell, and also Sneak Attack Damage (Total = 2d6);
Damage inflicted = 5 pts. (3 + 2)
Goblin is still out, and extremely wounded. (3 real Hit Points left.)
(Goblin Hit Pts: 8; 9 points non-lethal + 5 pts. lethal = 14 pts.)
(Putting Goblin @ -6 hit points.)
Goblin will recover in 6 rounds, and when he does, he will have 3 hit pts.
He is effectively out-of-commission.
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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Goblin Base AC: 15; w/o Dex (helpless condition) = 14.
Hawke gains +4 to-hit bonus vs. prone opponent.
Hawke takes a single step, and gets all 3 attacks. Hawke's normal attack is +7.
His attack vs. prone = +11. Hawke needs a 3 or better to hit each Goblin.
Hawke's attack rolls: (30,12,31); the 12 is a miss (Natural 1) and the 31 is a possible crit (Natural 20.)
Confirmation roll: (14); Crit is confirmed.
Damage: 15, 28.
Goblin #7: 2-15 = -13. Goblin is dead.
Goblin #10: A clean miss.
Goblin #11: 4-28 = -24. Goblin is dead.

Hawke takes a single step forward, bursting the skulls of his helpless victims like ripe fruit; however, in his frenzy for blood, he misses one, albeit only by a whisker.

Nimbar follows suit, advancing forward, and using his rapier to dispatch the Goblin that Hawke missed.

Attack Roll: (21) Hit; Damage = 5 pts.
Goblin #10: 4-5 = -1; Goblin is unconscious and dying.

The sleeping Goblin is easy prey, and the rapier wounds him grievously, so much so, in fact, that he is unlikely to recover.


Sphynx: It is once again your turn. You hear several squeals and grunts coming from the west, i.e., Sphynx's right (map viewer's left). You estimate that whatever is making this noise will arrive within moments. What do you do?
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Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Sphynx quickly motions Hawke to give him a hand. He wants to quickly stack the fallen goblins to make two barricades, creating a choke point through which the incoming threat will have to move in single file unless the barricades can be vaulted.

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Hawke and Sphynx can each move 1 Goblin body per round.
It will therefore take 6 rounds (36 seconds) to move all 12 Goblin bodies.
While the bodies are being moved, both Nimbar and Sphynx notice sounds coming from the other hallway, also.
A decision is made to barricade each side (east and west) with 6 bodies each.
As it turns out, the Goblins and their "friend" arrive on Round 7.
Their friend, indicated on the Battle Map by the big, red, frowny face, is an Ogre!
Hawke takes up a defensive position on the western side, while Nimbar takes up a defensive position on the eastern side.
Sphynx, you are still in the middle, although you can squeeze into the space directly above either Hawke or Nimbar, in order to attack one of the Goblins. Considering the brute strength of Tellerian, you should probably help Nimbar.

A new initiative is now required.

Sphynx: 26
Nimbar: 21
Hawke: 14
Goblins: 2a
Ogre: 2b

The monsters are slow and hesitant, as they round the corner and spy the bloody bodies of their fellows, stacked like bags of sand.


Sphynx: It is your turn! The party faces multiple enemies on either side. What do you do?
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Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Holding his position, Sphynx assesses the progressing situation. Though holding the magic of Chill touch still within his hand, he rolls his forearms and, again, sends shards of light, forth. Being able to see over the barricades and past his comrades, he fires his two missiles at the first two goblins in front of Nimbar.

"I only have one action like this remaining before I am fatigued of such magic. My other options are too minor, but I can cover an exit."
OOC: Magic Missile: d4 + 1 x 2 = 3, 5

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
The Goblins Strike A Lucky Blow!

Goblin #5: 2-3 = -1. Goblin is unconscious, and for now, stable. (i.e., he might recover.)
Goblin #6: 4-5 = -1. Goblin is unconscious, and for now, stable. (i.e., he might recover.)

Sphynx's spell has more of an effect than he expected; as luck would have it, two of the smaller Goblins were among the first to reach Nimbar's position, therefore, they are also among the first to fall, as Sphynx's spell takes its toll.

Nimbar has cast three spells so far: Mage Armor, Sleep, and Whelm. He has one first level spell remaining.

Nimbar casts Sleep once again. DC 15.
Goblin #07: 0 (Failed)
Goblin #08: 19 (Saved)
Goblin #09: 7 (Failed)
Goblin #10: 8 (Failed)

Nimbar's last spell has its desired effect, albeit one Goblin is lucky enough to resist. Fear is evident in the small creature's eyes, and he looks as if he intends to flee.

Tellerian wears a look of grim determination, albeit he looks more calm than before. His battle rage seems to be gone, replaced by the confident, calculating countenance of a man who intends to follow through with a difficult course of action.

26,22 = 2 Hits.
Goblin #3: 7-6 = 1. Goblin is badly wounded.
Goblin #4: 6-6 = 0. Goblin is disabled. (He is still barely conscious, but he cannot move or take any actions.)

Tellerian slams his hammer into a Goblin's chest, knocking the wind out of him. There is a sickening crunch, indicating that the Goblin has suffered several broken ribs. The creature spits up a blob of blood, as a look of panic crosses his face. He is still just barely standing, but he is gripped with fear from the effects of the devastating blow.

Tellerian's second blow catches another Goblin in the ear, and a cracking sound is heard; it is evident that the Goblin has suffered a severe head injury. He stares blankly at Tellerian, a bit of drool dripping from his mouth, and a trickle of blood dripping from his ear. He does not seem to be fully coherent, although he does not collapse, either.

Gathering his courage, Goblin #3 swings his morningstar at Tellerian, and somehow manages to connect. Tellerian winces as the spikes make it through his armor, finding the skin. For such a small creature, the blow is impressive. However, it is not enough to shake Tellerian's resolve.

Hawke's AC: 17
Goblin #3: (18) Hits.
Damage: 1d6 = 6 pts.
Tellerian: 31-6 = 25. Tellerian has suffered a minor wound.
Ogre attack (Javelin): [6] = Miss.

The Ogre, unable to get past all of the Goblins which are underfoot, takes a javelin from his baldric, and throws it at Tellerian; the attack is poorly aimed, and goes wide, missing completely as it thuds into the south wall and clatters to the ground next to Tellerian.

Yellow slash = javelin.


Tellerian shouts, "Fly! Fly, you two! I'll cover your retreat!"

ROUND 2: SPHYNX: It is once again your turn! What do you do?
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Tellerian shouts, "Fly! Fly, you two! I'll cover your retreat!"
Sphynx takes a step to his right focusing on Hawke's over-grown foe. "Not in the face of the Nine Hells, you Lummox."

Having his one magical trick left of his proverbial sleeve, Sphynx rolls his right hand and forearm in almost the same manner has when he called forth the small shards of magical energy, but his words are different. A beam of colored light shoots from his hand into the Ogre.


OOC: 5' adjustment straight up toward the cave exit on the map.
cast Ray of Enfeeblement: (d6 + 1/2L) = 1d6+2 = 5
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