Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
The Battle Continues

Ogre original STR: 21 (+5 Bonus)
Ogre new STR: 16 (+3 Bonus)
Ogre essentially suffers -2 penalty to hit and damage.

The Ogre cries out in alarm, as he feels the weight of his gear bear down upon him! Although he can still stand and fight normally, he realizes that he is now considerably weaker, and a look of terror crosses his countenance!

Meanwhile, Nimbar charges the remaining Goblin, in an attempt to cut off his escape route, so that he will not be able to bring reinforcements.

Attack Roll: (21) Hit
Damage: 6 pts.
Goblin #8: 6-6 = 0. Goblin is disabled. Goblin is still conscious, but cannot move or take actions.

Nimbar stabs the Goblin in the gut with his rapier, and the creature looks at him in surprise. He looks as if he wants to scream, but he can't raise enough breath. He simply coughs, as blood begins to flow profusely from the wound! Somehow, he manages to remain standing, but he is not long for this world.

Hawke jumps over the disabled Goblin and charges the Ogre, ignoring the other Goblins along the way. One of the Goblins lands a lucky blow, but Hawke shrugs it off, as he lays into the Ogre full-tilt. The Ogre takes a swipe at him on the way in also, but Hawke ducks under the blow just in the nick of time.

Long jump, 5 ft. = DC 10.
(Cannot fail.)
Clear without chance of tripping: DC 15.
(17) = Success. Hawke clears the Goblin completely.
Goblin #2: AoO: (20) Hits. Damage: 4 pts.
Ogre: AoO: (14) Miss (Charging AC = 15.)
Charge & Pounce: +9/+9/+9
(12,20,17) = Miss,Hit, Hit vs. AC 16
Damage: 6, 4 = 10 pts.
Ogre: 29-10 = 19. Ogre has suffered a significant wound.
Hawke: 25-4 = 21. Hawke is significantly hurt.

Hawke overshoots his first attack, but manages to connect with the other two, slamming both the Ogre's knees, causing the brute to stumble slightly. The Ogre lets out a loud "Owww!" as the blows connect. He is clearly not used to being hit so hard, or so often. A look of uncertainty flashes briefly in his eyes.

Ogre attack: (20) Hit; Damage: 15 pts.
Hawke: 21-15 = 6. Hawke is severely wounded!
Goblin #1: (11) = Miss;
Goblin #2: (15) = Hit; Damage = 3pts.
Hawke: 6-3 = 3. Hawke is critically wounded!

The Ogre regains his composure, and brings his greatclub down upon Tellerian HARD. The big warrior tries to block it, but the massive weapon smashes through his defenses, and comes down hard on Tellerian's right shoulder with a sickening crunch! The Goblins join in, and one of them manages to do the same thing to him that he did to the Ogre; the Goblin's morningstar smashes into the side of Tellerian's left knee!

Hawke screams in defiance! "DIE, SCUM OF JOTUNHEIMR!!


SPHYNX: It is now your turn! Hawke is seriously injured, but he doesn't look as if he intends to stop. What do you do?
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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
GM: Posted on behalf of MacConnell:

Sphynx moves into position (2 spaces to the left) to gain good line-of-sight on Goblin #3.

Sphynx casts Ray of Frost on Goblin #3.
Range touch attack: (16) Hits.
Damage: 2 pts.
Goblin #3: 1-2 = -1. Goblin is unconscious and dying.

Sphynx steps forward slightly, targets the Goblin who got the lucky hit on Hawke, and drops him with a Ray of Frost.

Nimbar advances toward the western tunnel, and points a finger at the Ogre. He utters a single word, "Freeze!

Nimbar casts a 0-level spell (Daze)
DC 14
Ogre Will save: 7 (Fail)
Ogre will take no actions this round.

Much to the Goblins' dismay, the Ogre gets a bewildered look on his face, and his arms go slack.

Morale Check: Goblins see that the battle is turning against them.
Will save, base DC 10.
Seeing many of their fellows decimated: +3
Seeing their great, Ogre friend incapacitated by "strong" magic: +3
Seeing Hawke still standing, even after a great blow from the Ogre: +2
Total DC: 18
Goblin will save: 1d20-1 = 0,15,17 (All fail.)
Goblin #1, #2, and #4 failed their saves; they intend to drop their weapons and surrender.
Goblin #3 is out of commission.

Hawke attacks the Ogre. He is using only 1 attack, because he wants to make sure that the blow lands.
Attack: (18) Hit; Damage = 11 pts.
Ogre: 19-11 = 8 pts. Ogre is severely wounded!

Tellerian slows the pace of his attacks, waiting for a better opening; he gets what he is looking for, and smashes the Ogre's left forearm, as it tries to stay out of his way. His hammer smashes the beast's elbow, causing it to bellow in pain once more. Still, it cannot shake the dizzy feeling from Nimbar's spell, and its mind is abuzz with confusion.

Goblin #3 loses a hit point, as he slowly continues to die. (-2)
Goblins 1,2, and 4 drop their weapons and surrender.
The Ogre is dazed, and fails to act.

All of the remaining Goblins, including the one with the severe head injury, lose their nerve; they drop their weapons and fall to their knees, in obvious surrender!

The Ogre blinks, unable to understand what is going on. He fails to act on his turn.


Sphynx pauses, waiting to see what Hawke will do; his friend is in critical condition, but still looks unwilling to give up!

Nimbar pauses also, as he sees Hawke tensing up to attack once again.

GM: Sphynx and Nimbar will delay their actions until Hawke has attacked.

Hawke attacks: 16,23 (2 Hits); Damage: 10,6 (16 total.)
Ogre: 8-16 = -8. Ogre is unconscious and dying.

Seeing that the Ogre is about to recover his senses, Tellerian throws caution to the wind, and wades in against the big brute; his first blow lands in the Ogre's ribcage, on the left side, knocking the wind from the beast, cracking several ribs in the process. That blow, in and of itself, would have been sufficient to drop him. But as he is collapsing, Tellerian hits him with a riposte, bringing the smaller hammer down on the crown of his head, cracking his skull. The Ogre falls flat on his face, and ceases to move, as the remaining Goblins cry out and begin to sob and wail at the loss of their friend.

Goblin #1 (Speaking Common): "Please spare us! In the room to the west, where we were stationed, is a secret door that leads to Big Rube's cave. He has treasure there, and there is a cave entrance from which you can leave quickly! There are more of my tribesmen west of there, but they won't come to investigate, because they are charged with watching over the females and young. You have decimated our great army! We will now be vulnerable to raids from the nearby Orc and Kobold tribes. If you spare us, we shall warn our brethren so that we can flee, but not before you have a chance to leave. What say you?"

Combat has ended! There are 6 Goblins remaining, 3 whom have surrendered, and 3 whom are asleep. You may roll a Sense Motive check if you wish, in order to assess the Goblin's offer. Everyone: What do you do?
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Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Sphynx moves and lays a hand on Hawke, calling upon his druidic skill to restore some of the big man's loss of health.
OOC: Cast Cure Light: 1d8 + 1 = 6

OOC: Sense Motive: d20 + 6 = 18

If the goblin who spoke seems even remotely genuine, Sphynx has no problem agreeing to let the remainder live. After aiding Hawke, Sphynx makes some grandiose gestures and speaks some words in Draconic. He then speaks in common to the goblin who had thus spoken. "I have placed a magic mark on you. If we decide to let you leave and you betray us, I will be able to find you, wherever you go, and kill you. You and your people will, also, not touch our camels."
OOC: Bluff: d20 + 5 = 16

+250 xp. to Sphynx for making the DM laugh.
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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Sensing that the Goblin will only keep his word until he is out-of-sight, Sphynx pulls off a masterful bluff. The two Goblins who are aware enough to react to it end up falling for it, hook, line, and sinker.

GM: Goblins Sense Motive roll: 14, 6 (both fail.)

The two alert Goblins scurry away in the direction indicated by the arrow. The one with the head injury is still standing around in the hallway, looking dazed. The 3 sleeping Goblins are still asleep in the opposite hallway.


GM: "A" is where you came in, "B" is the exit from the Ogre's cave. "S" marks the location of the secret door. "X" would make a good staging area for further excursions.

EVERYONE: What do you do?

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth

Combat Award For Each Character (Defeated Monsters): 1,100

Roleplaying Award For Each Character: 500

Story Award (Defeat of the Ogre): 500

Individual awards:

Sphynx: +250 (Making DM Laugh)


Hawke: 2,100 xp.
Nimbar: 2,100 xp.
Sphynx: 2,350 xp.

A quick once-over of the Goblin bodies, and a quick search of the Ogre's cave reveals:

450 sp.
726 cp.
289 gp.

Six silver-tipped, heartwood arrows (possibly enchanted)
A small, glass vial with cloudy white liquid contents (possibly a potion)
A scroll with holy writings (probably cleric spells)

All of this will fit easily into Tellerian's haversack, and can be gathered and stored quite quickly.


Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Sphynx is content to leave the goblins and moves through the secret door into the Ogre's room. After searching it thoroughly, especially the bedding area or any debris piles, he goes outside to make a quick check on the camels, coaxing them over near the new egress point.

He looks at his two new friends. "I was thinking. This cave would make a good staging location to enter and leave by way of the secret door. We should take our current spoils, return to town, then come back after a day of rest."
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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Rolling encounter chance: 1 in 1d10, 2 chances before clearing the woods, and getting to the part of the road that is secure and patrolled: (2,4) = No encounters.

The party makes it back to their camels without a problem, and loads them up. Then the party proceeds back through the woods, and despite hearing many strange noises, and encountering many strange smells, all of you make it back to the road without incident. A few hours later, you arrive safely back at the keep.

The monetary split (after converting the copper to silver, and dividing the money evenly) comes to:
177 Sp., and 96 Gp. for each character.

We now need to decide what to do with the items we came across. Sphynx: any ideas?


Creator of The Untamed Wilds
We now need to decide what to do with the items we came across. Sphynx: any ideas?
Sphynx nods. "I would like to hang onto the vial and scrolls for the time being. I would also like to examine them when we get away from prying eyes. The arrows, I am for selling."
OOC: Holy cow! Editing button just appeared on this post.
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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Nimbar has a suggestion.

Nimbar says, "I can rest for 8 hours, and then be ready to cast Identify on these items. But we're going to need three nice pearls (one for each item to be identified), some red wine, and an owl feather. I have a few owl feathers in my pouch, and red wine can easily be had at the tavern. But the pearls are another matter. The shop in town with the upscale provisions might have some, since they also deal in furs. I've never known a furrier who wasn't also a jeweler, because each of those things accessorizes the other. But we might pay a pretty penny. We could be looking at a hundred gold or more, per pearl. That would basically mean that our newfound gold from the Ogre's bag would end up almost entirely in the furrier's purse. But on the bright side, we still have a ton of silver."

Hawke nods, "I think it's worth it. Let's go see what he's charging. Or if he even has any pearls to begin with. Remember, this is a borderland keep, not downtown Willip."

Nimbar nods in agreement.

Sphynx: Your thoughts?


Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Sphynx shakes his head. "That kind of purchase would draw unwanted attention. We can wait. I can take a look at the scroll and see what I can make of it on my own."
[sblock=Decipher]d20 + 7 = 17[/sblock]

It's hard (DC 30) to make out details about spell scrolls using Decipher Script. But what you can tell is as follows:

The spells on the scroll are Divine (Clerical) magic.
The scroll was dropped by a good-aligned priest, because the scroll bears the holy symbol of Re-Horakty.
There are two spells on the scroll.
The first spell on the scroll is of low (1st) spell level.
The second spell on the scroll is of average (2nd) spell level.
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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Nimbar says, "Merchants, Nobles, and other people with money often buy mid-priced gems, of around 100 gold piece value, to carry around for money, instead of lugging around a bunch of coinage. Those sorts of gems, like pearls, garnets, bloodstones, and the like, have a consistent, but not common availability, so their value remains pretty stable, and they are readily accepted as pseudo-currency. I don't think anyone would bat an eye if we purchased three pearls. We just need to make sure we don't do anything flashy, like buying 10 or more at one time. THAT would attract attention, for the simple fact that people would realize that we're carrying a lot of wealth. What say the both of you? I propose we buy the pearls."

Hawke nods, "Agreed."

Sphynx: What is your take on the situation?


Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Sphynx flattens his lips and quickly shrugs his left shoulder, cocking his head slightly toward that shoulder but does not verbally respond.

He begins to walk off. "I'll be in the tavern."

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Nimbar disagrees...

Nimbar snorts in disagreement, forcing Hawke to hand over 300 gold pieces from his haversack, before leaving the common room, and heading out into the street. Hawke smiles, as he calculates Nimbar's growing debt, and decides to join Sphynx in the tavern. ~I hope you know, I'm keeping track of all this borrowing. That's 474 gold you owe me! Alas, I think Sphynx has the right idea; who wants to sit around, chanting all day, when there's ale to be had?~

Hawke chuckles, "Wait up, Sphynx. I'll join you."

Whilest Hawke & Sphynx are enjoying some downtime, Nimbar is all business. He buys the three pearls, heads back to his room at the inn, and spends 8 hours resting, so that he can cast three Identify spells. He does so, and comes to the following conclusions:

Results of Nimbar's Identify Spell:

The six arrows turn out to be the real prize; they are moderately enchanted, and of exquisite craftsmanship, most likely Elvish in origin.

Six +2 Arrows (Value: 160 gp. each., 960 gp. total)
Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds (2d8+2) (300 gp. value)
Scroll: Cure Light Wounds (1d8+1), and Hold Person (3rd Level Caster) (175 gp. value)

The arrows and the scroll are of little use to the party; there isn't a bowman among you, and neither of the three of you is a Cleric. These items can be sold for a total of 849 gp. (75% value + 2 gp. seller's premium) at the local shop. [The shopkeeper keeps a modest margin (25%) for profit-making. This is excellent, considering that many shop-keeps employ a margin of 50%.] The actual value of the two items is 1,135 gp.)

Nimbar sells the two items, and distributes the profits accordingly:

Split three ways, each share of 849 would be 283 gp. But since Nimbar already owes Hawke money, he will give his share to Hawke. That means that:

Sphynx gets 283 gp.
Hawke gets 566 gp.
Nimbar's debt has decreased from 474 gp., down to 191 gp.

When it's all said and done, the party's expenditure proves worthwhile.

Nimbar asks, "Who wants to carry the potion around? My instinct is to give it to Sphynx."
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Nimbar asks, "Who wants to carry the potion around? My instinct is to give it to Sphynx."
Sphynx raises his eyebrows. "Well, I was not expecting anything to be made from that venture. Good on you. As for the potion, I can carry it. I'll store it in one these pockets. One in which it is not likely to get damaged."

At some point during the respite, Sphynx asked, "We did not find that ore you were seeking, When do you want head back out?"

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
During the previous day, as Hawke and Sphynx were enjoying drinks and darts at the tavern, Sphynx noticed that Hawke was still pretty beat up and acting lethargic and fatigued; having the Heal skill, Sphynx reaches into his bag for some herbs, and mixes them into Hawke's ale when he isn't looking. After a few minutes, Hawke complains of being very sleepy, and says that he's going up to his room to crash. Sphynx simply smiles and nods, and continues to play darts and dominoes and drink his fill.

Sphynx's Heal Skill: +5
DC For Long-Term Care: 15
Resting at the inn is not considered stressful, therefore, Sphynx can take 10 on his check, which means that he can succeed on the roll without even having to roll a die. (His result with "Take 10" is a 15, which meets the DC requirement.)

Hawke's hit pts: 9 out of 31. (Down by 22 points.)
Normal heal rate (3rd Level Char): 3 pts. per day.
Healing rate while tended by practitioner of Heal skill, resting for 8 hours: x2. (6/Day)
Healing rate while tended by practicioner of Heal skill, resting for 24 hours: x4. (12/Day)
By the time Hawke sees Nimbar again, he has rested for 8 hours, and has healed 6 hit pts.
Hawke's new hit point total: 15 out of 31. (Down by 16 points.)

Hawke says, "I'm still sore as the Nine Hells, and my shoulder is still tender from where the Ogre smacked me. I think it may be dislocated. Does anyone know how to reset a bone? I know how, but I can't do it to myself. If I could get my shoulder popped, and maybe get a day or two more rest, I'd be good as new."

GM: Hawke has the Heal skill; but you cannot perform "long term care" for yourself. It must be performed by someone else. Nimbar does not have the Heal skill, although Sphynx does. If Sphynx will agree to check on Hawke each day, and perform some "act of care" (e.g., helping him pop his shoulder back into socket, or giving him an herbal potion to drink, or wrapping his arm in a cast, etc.) then Hawke will be fully healed in 3 more days (resting only 8 hours a day) or a day and a half (resting in bed all day) or perhaps even sooner if healing spells are also used.

Nimbar winces, "Indeed, my friend. You look like death warmed over. Some more rest would certainly do you a lot of good."
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Checking in on his new friend after his first period of rest, Sphynx exclaims, "Looks like you took a bit more damage than I first suspected. We need to hold off for a couple of days. I should be able to reset that shoulder for you. I also have a secret. I am a druid. I was born to druids, but circumstances have sent me down another road. Even without this potion Nimbar was able to identify, I can offer you some divine healing."
OOC: In addition to offering aid, Sphynx cast Cure Light Wounds. I do not remember if there is an option to maximize results when safe and at rest.

No, there is no option to maximize unless you use the feat / memorize the spell with a higher level spell slot; HOWEVER, if you advise Hawke to get COMPLETE bed rest for 24 hours, he will regain 12 of the 16 hit pts. he needs; as for the spell, instead of rolling the d8, you ALWAYS have the option to take the average result (4.5, which rounds down to 4) which means that a spell that heals d8+1 would always heal 5 pts. if you take average every time. Taking average plus the bed rest would put Hawke at full hit pts.
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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
An Encounter on the Road!

Campaign Start Date: Coldeven 14, CY 576; 1 week after Hawke's 24th birthday.
Nimbar & Hawke meet up with Sir Walter at his tower just before sunset on Coldeven 15th. Sir Walter teleports them to the keep, where they meet up with Sphynx and invite him to join the group.

Coldeven 16, CY 576: Party sets out from the keep at 5am. They ride for 7 hours, and walk their mounts for another 2.5 hours, arriving at the Caves of Chaos at about 2:30 in the afternoon. Their brief invasion of the first cave only takes about 30 minutes, during which time a large group of Goblins is routed. Hawke is seriously injured when the party encounters an Ogre, so the partydecides to return to the keep to re-group. The party gets back to the keep at about 12:30 am, and turn in immediately.

Coldeven 17, CY 576: Party rises early, and discusses what to do with the recovered treasure. Nimbar suggests identifying the items. Sphynx and Hawke enjoy downtime, while Nimbar goes out and buys the supplies needed for his Identify spell.

Coldeven 18, CY 576: Party rises early again, and Nimbar reveals what the spell told him. The party sells two of the three recovered magic items, making a tidy profit. Hawke is still in bad shape, so the party decides to delay for one more day, with Hawke remaining bed-bound all day, per Sphynx's advice. While that is going on, Nimbar spends 5 gp. to buy more rations for the party's return trip to the caves. Sphynx casts Cure Light Wounds on Hawke, and helps him pop his shoulder back into place. He also helps immobilize Hawke, by wrapping his arm and chest together with bandages, and tells him to stay as still as possible while resting.

Coldeven 19, CY 576: Party rises at 5:00 am, and Hawke has made a full recovery. Everyone has re-memorized spells, and is fully prepared. Nimbar wakes the innkeeper, and the party eats a nice breakfast before heading out at 6:00 am. The plan is to reach the caves by 3:30 pm.

The first few hours of the trip are uneventful, but around 10:00 am, the party comes upon a line of smoke. They follow it, before realizing that about 300 yards up ahead, the source of the smoke is a burning wagon. The road slopes downward, with the party being atop the rise; down below, are many dead horses, soldiers, and tribesmen. Wandering through the aftermath, 8 fierce-looking Nomads, all armored and armed to the teeth, pick through the remains, obviously looting their victims. They have NOT YET seen the party. Everyone quickly dismounts, and backs off, back down the way you came, about 10 yards, enough to hide the party from view.



Hawke bristles, "I cannot let this pass! This is obviously a murderous ambush! I say we teach them a lesson!"

Nimbar scoffs, "Do you not see that we are out-numbered, 8-3? That's three for each of us, and two for Sphynx. Seems a bit much. At least for a frontal assault. But I wouldn't be opposed to following them..."

Sphynx: What are your thoughts on this matter?


Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Sphynx rubs the thumb and first two fingers of each hand together, absentmindedly. "It seems a direct assault may prove suicidal. We could follow and harangue them, picking off the trailers and retreating until we can make better odds."

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Following The Nomads

The party is in agreement that the Nomads should be followed. It is not difficult to lay low, near the top of the rise, and watch them as they prepare to move on.

GM: RANDOM ROLL: Encounter chance while waiting and watching: 1 in 10 for each direction; rolls = 2, 8. All is quiet, and there is currently no one on the road, in either direction.

While the party is watching, no travelers come, from either direction; the Nomads finish looting the scene, and the party notes that they follow two unusual practices: first, they remove the heads of all of their fallen enemies, placing them in bags, intending to keep them for some purpose. Second, they strap the bodies of their fallen comrades onto their mounts, tethering the animals together to form a loose train. They do NOT leave their dead, nor do they attempt any burial. They are apparently unwilling to leave the bodies of their comrades behind.

The party stays well behind them, following at a discreet distance; you eventually realize that they are headed the same way you were! It looks like they are headed to the Caves of Chaos! They leave the road at almost the same point that all of you did a few days prior, traveling through the forest with purpose and intent, in the exact same direction as the caves.

You follow them back to the ravine, and watch as most of them file into cave number 11 (see map below; ) taking the captured heads and the bodies of their fallen comrades with them. However, one of them splits off from the main group, and leads the the animals out of the ravine, toward the southwest, probably to some sort of corral area. You manage to remain unobserved throughout this entire process.


...Now what?
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Sphynx conveys to the others as quietly and with as few of words as possible that he intends to follow the animal handler and take him out. "From there, I can free their animals or take them, whichever seems best. I think freeing them will cause our adversary to split their forces to investigate. We can use our previously discovered hideout for staging."

Epic Threats

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