DDAL Guide: Customizing Starting Gear in AL

I do beg your pardon, Kalani, but I have one quibble;

you list the Fighter(GuildMASTER) for maximum gold. Shouldn't that be Guild ARTISAN, for clarity?
Okay, I spotted one more, that you repeat in 2 posts:

Per the PH, pg. 91, the Ranger also STARTS with a quiver (not just the Rogue).

>edit: I know, it's ONLY 1 gp., but this thread is about 'nickel&dime-ing' your starting gear.


Howdy there! I was wondering where the source for allowing the selling of starter gear was. Haven't been able to find it anywhere. Thanks!


The ALPG allows players to sell gear for half its listed value. PCs can purchase/sell gear before the start of an adventure, or between chapters/episodes of a hardcover adventure. The admins have clarified that this rule allows PCs to sell gear even before the start of their first adventure. I am one of the former regional coordinators and spent considerable time answering questions like this every day on FB, but you don't need to take my word for it. Feel free to contact the admins on the official D&D AL facebook groups if you would like them to answer your question in person.


I believe you. Since I just started with the AL, I only had the 5.1 version of the players guide. 5.1 decided to delete the section that contained this rule. Going back and reading all the other versions I was able to see it. I am wondering though if removing the rule was intentional to get rid of it. Like the change from 1.0 to 2.0 that removed using starting gold and only allowed the starting equipment.


Kalani, thanks for this resource. I use it all the time.

I wanted to point out that you've missed something for bard.
"(a) a lute or (b) any other musical instrument"
It's worth noting that one can sell their lute for 17.5 and buy a flute or shawm for 2 gp.

I hope it's alright to necro here in the hopes of catching things like this and improving this continuously useful post.