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second birthdate : 15 Dec 2011
Today marks the anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Hawai'i .
I, as a veteran of the United States Armed Forces, was given a true honor to lower the flag to half mast. A solom event.


second birthdate : 15 Dec 2011
So, we here in Nashville Tennessee are under a tornado watch with 3 tornados spotted, the largest one headed here, and downtown where it is dark as night psheeople are just wandering about like not a cre in the world. There is a "seek shelter now" announcement for that area right now.




Not that anyone noticed I was gone, but I'm back...

Huge storm on Sunday last week dumped a ton of rain and my basement flooded. The puter spent a week in a bucket of rice, but it's apparently still working.

At least until the rice I couldn't shake out of the case catches fire...

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