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Happy Haggert Hurried Hungry Hitch Hiking Hired Henchmen Hivers.... apply within


I am a gal durn super hero again. This time for real, maybe. I saw an old man on the street in what appeared to be his underwear. He later corrected me in that it was swim trunks he was wearing. I asked I could call someone for him. He started to give me a number but had a hard time with it. I said maybe I should call 911. He said that was probably a good idea. I called and they sent police and EMS. When the male officer walked he asked if the officer liked his attire. The officer said yes. The female cop asked me about the situation and took down my info.

I should mention, this was at 2:30am and the temp in the low 70s. There were thunderstorms just a couple of hours earlier. He looked dry but had to be cold.


Community Supporter
Its been over 30 years and I won't drop names but this the crazy stuff I had. I was officially the town constable by 10 minutes. (call came at 12:10 am). Met up with the other senior constable at person's house. There was a report of a man prowling in the back yard. This was.

5'6 guy muttering to himself about the Vietnam War. He wasn't responding to use so the senior officer had me "keep him here" while he called the State Police for back-up. I was then 5'11 and a solid 220 pounds. This guy decided I was part of his memory as he dragged me easily from corner to corner and telling me I was a little Viennese child. We were being mortor shelled.

Finally senior officer and two Staties arrived. Even with four of us, we had a struggle holding this guy down to be cuffed. The senior officer (350+ pounds) sat on his legs. The guy did a leg curl and sent him flying. Damn.....

Cuffed and got him into the squad car. Found out later he was mixing Cocaine with Coffee Brandy (and I suspect other stuff) and was looking for help before he succumbed to his visions of the war.

Welcome to being a town elected constable of a town with about 2500 people.


Panic mode engage

My manager invited me out for lunch and a movie for my birthday. I said yes. We're going to one of these theaters that serve meals to see Spider Man.


She threatened to punch me if I even tried to take out my wallet.lol

I'm getting ready to go. This will be fun. I can't wait.


The movie was good. She wore the little black dress. I'm glad I decided to change my pants and shoes but I still felt underdressed. She laughed at my corny jokes. Like my response to her saying she wanted Nick Fury's tranq gun. I said if she used it on one of her drivers she would have to drive their route. A guy walked in with a glass with Spider Man on it. She said she wanted the glass. When the movie was over she grabbed his glass and put it her purse. She said that's what purses were made for, to steal Spider Man glasses. We had a lot of fun. The food was good too. I had fish and chips. She had a shrimp and chicken dish. She saved one shrimp for me to try. It had an orange marmalade dip that was pretty good.