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Yesterday my friend from work and I met to drive a new route I plan to start soon. We were going to have lunch first but the place I picked didn't open for another 3 hours.
We drove the route and had a lot of fun talking. We ended up at a different restaurant. By the time I got home I had been awake 23 hours. I slept until I had to go back to work. We got a real late start. I didn't start delivering until 4am. I normally finish then. When I finished my route around 7 I had to go help with another. That took about an hour. I was finished by 9am this morning. I rescued a box turtle from the street. Later I saw a snapping turtle on a different road. I left him where his was. The box turtle I gave to my friend to give to her boys ages 14 and 8. She and the lady we helped deliver the route for named it after me.

She's my boss and we're getting closer. I hope this doesn't bite me in the arse. She's awesome and I don't want to lose the job. Hopefully things only get better from here.


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I was taught to break down the formula within ( ) first.

No wonder USA is dropping in math (and general education) skills


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According to the article, nearly everyone DID do the parenthetical first. So at the very least, the level of math proficiency on THAT part of the equation seemed consistently good.


The other night I thought I saw a big raccoon. Then I noticed three little faces. It was three little ones jumbled together.

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I’m not going to gainsay the mathematician, but I was never taught either acronym, or the left to right convention.

What I was taught was that, the number in front of the parenthetical always applies to the parenthetical. Ditto an exponent, FWIW.) IOW, X(N) is always calculated as a single number first, X times N. Then, if you see something like the problem posited, you read it like a fraction: 8/2(2+2). That can’t be solved as 16, just as 1.

To get 16 out of the 8÷2(2+2) equation, you’d have to read it as (8÷2)(2+2), but that would violate the rule of grouping the parenthetical with its multiplier.
I was taught basically the same. In this equation, (2+2) =4 is figured first, then 2*(4)=8, 8/8=1. no compromise. it was a hard and fast rule.


I think I scored some points with the turtle. The boys love it. Mom does too. The cats are curious about what's in the box. Her youngest asked about it red eyes. Is it possessed? Does it breathe fire? She said they run around finding bugs for it to eat.


Tardigrades look like mini maggots with sphincters for faces according to the BBC news presenter on the radio.


I've never been able to get into jazz. If it works for you, that's good.

Anyone see jonesy around lately? I know people come and go but it's been awhile for him I think. I hope all is ok.


I've never been able to get into jazz. If it works for you, that's good.

Instrumental music helps with focusing,so i don't get distracted by lyrics. I also have a station that plays Lindsey Stirling and similar stuff. Today's the first time I've listened to the Jazz station.


The other night I had either the best or weirdest chat with my friend at work. I arrive at the loading dock, then comes outside, pssts me over to her. I follow the sound of escaping air. An approximation of the following takes place.

Loading dock; night time
Her stands on the landing outside door.
Me stands ground level looking up.

Her: Can you tell if I'm wearing a bra or not?
Me: You're not.
Her: I thought so. I was in a rush to get dressed before work. I was going to put it on after.
Me: It normally goes on first, unless you're Madonna.
Her: I knew I could ask you. I couldn't ask someone else in the office.

End scene.

This conversation had lead me to rethink my assessment of our relationship. I thought friendship headed towards romantic. Now I think I've been friend zoned. Many years ago I discovered this phenomenon where women have "safe" male friends. Males they are not attracted to. Friends they don't have to worry about trying to have sex with them. It's basically a straight version of the gay best friend. Women don't really think of your feelings on a subject as long as they're feelings are clear as mud to you. It has happened all my life. They can talk freely with me. Doesn't matter if what they say has an effect on me as long as they get the safe friend response. Nothing has changed in 30 years. Women learn this in their teen years and carry it on well into their adult years.

I has a sad. :(
I've been sitting on this for days. Stewing