D&D General Has the OGL/WotC debacle motivated you to create your own Fantasy Heartbreaker or homebrew?


I'm curious how many folks here have seriously considered writing their own game, homebrew rules or setting for their favorite game(s) after the WotC dumpster fire?

For close to 2 decades, I've been sitting on a pile of notes for my own game system. It'd probably never sell (or at least, I'm not planning to make money off it), because it's way too "realistic" and crunchy for today's TTRPG crowd. I'd do it just because I sense that more people out there will be looking for something "not D&D". So, this slow motion train wreck has spurred me to do more work on it. It'll also give me an excuse to dust off a WebRTC application I was making, because I want my game to be what I've termed CARPG (Computer Assisted RPG), in that it will be best played with the assistance of a computer.

So who else out there has been motivated or inspired to either dust off or create their own game system, custom rules or setting after this fiasco?

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actually dracula
For the longest time I've wanted to re-tool D&D into an incremental-advancement story game, but it's always been a "hypothetical" because there are better games to do that with. Filled with the spirit of righteous indignation, I have started this project. It will most likely only see use at my table, unless the fires of Rintrah burn in my breast for so long that I learn DTP skills and acquire art.


It has changed how the game rolling around in my head might look (not using the ogl as a base cuts more strings than I was already thinking of cutting).

I might dust off my notes and try to work on something again. But mostly it has contributed to a feeling of not wanting to run fantasy stuff for a while, so it's more likely that I/we will pick another system next (as already mentioned in another thread: maybe Call of Cthulhu/Pulp Cthulhu oder Vaesen).


Heretic of The Seventh Circle
I’ve been developing, playing, redesigning, and iterating on, a TTRPG named Quest for Chevar for about 10 years. This has certainly added motivation to get the current version of the rules into shape and get a playtest document out on dtrpg sooner rather than later.

It has also oddly inspired me to complete for use outside my group the work I’ve done on three related races inspired by the stories in 4e of the Raven Queen, Red Witch, and Lady of The White Well, retooling them into the Witching Sisters known individually as the Shadow Queen, the Crimson Fury, and the Lady of Silver Mist. The Three are from a primeval race that was under attack by a draconic necromancer known as The Empty Night, and the sisters transformed themselves and thier people to save them from annihilation, causing thier home to be “lost in the mist” and thier names to be forgotten, and no one not of the bloodlines of Vas Shadar can speak them or even retain memory of them upon hearing them spoken.

The race is now called Umbrylar, and the three branches known as the Caligo, Corvinus, and Loupin.

I’m also finishing up my Assassin and Binder classes, and polishing up my various spells, feats, and magic items, to publish them on dtrpg, and eventually add enough other classes and races to make a full game similar to Adventures In Middle Earth or the like, that doesn’t need the 5e phb.

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