D&D General Has the OGL/WotC debacle motivated you to create your own Fantasy Heartbreaker or homebrew?


No. There are a LOT of people in this hobby who do that stuff much better than I do. What I will do is buy their products, not WotC's.

I've left the D&D brand twice before, a third time is no big deal -- it's how I game.

I've played non-D&D branded D&D longer than I ever played TSR or WotC branded D&D.

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No, I think if I put that much work into a game I would want to see people buy it and use it. The part of marketing and publishing is the part I do not like.


I haven't been happy with With for a while- honestly I thought many of the last releases for a long while haven't been good for a while. Add several of us had fantasy fatigue for a while.....but third party products had kept us going. But a while we started a new game with some "new" rule set and I had thus campaign idea for a long while so back in September we started and haven't looked back. Even more so leaving Wotc behind given there latest fiasco

Something that will see the light of day outside of my gaming group: no. But I've always wanted to run my own system for them as a sort of bucket list type thing. Prove to myself that I can create something that works and is enjoyable even if it won't replace other systems at our table. With my enthusiasm for 1D&D currently diminished I'll probably devote more time to my project that would've been spent pouring over UA.


aint nobody got time for that GIF


I was already starting on a skill synthesis/expansion project starting from the 3.5 rules compendium and the 3e SRD, but the news has certainly made me feel more eager to pull together the kind of detailed skill list I want for a while now. Might as well start stitching together the game I actually want to play, it's clear it's just never going to happen otherwise.

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