Has there been a seond edition of the Star Trek Adventures CR?


So, I really enjoy Modiphius's Star Trek Adventures RPG, and I love the gorgeous core rulebook. However, as was detailed here in a couple threads when the book first came out, there were a lot of typos and mistakes that needed correcting in the first edition. Also, my pre-ordered book had a rough trip across the Atlantic and arrived a little banged up. My plan was always to pick up a fresh copy of book once a second, corrected printing once it came out.

Modiphius came out with a second set of errata earlier this month, but it doesn't say, for example, "Errata for the second printing" or whatever. So I don't know if it's just more errata they found or if it's errata for a corrected printing. Every copy I can find locally is still the original printing, and online sources don't indicate whether a book is first or second printing. I tried the Modiphius site and their boards, but there doesn't seem to be any definitive information there, either.

My local bookstore can special order it for me, but they can't tell what edition they'd get from their wholesaler, and I'm not willing to risk it unless I know I can get an updated version. So does anyone know whether they did a second printing? Anyone seen an errata'd copy out there in wild? Most importantly, anyone know a way I can definitely procure an errata'd copy, if they in fact exist?

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