Hate-watching Cursed on Netflix


A suffusion of yellow
, but perhaps not as jarring as two nuns kissing in an abbey.

It is interesting hearing from people who did like the show, and specifically what they liked about it.

Personally I was most interested in the world building aspects of the story, how they developed the various factions of Fey & Humans (Uthers court, Paladins, Church, and Others (spoiler)).
the set peices (Northern village, human town, forest, Uthers court, Paladin camp etc) were emblemic of the factions so I didn’t mind them being close, especially when you remember the the Saxon kingdoms like Wessex and Kent were relatively tiny

It was also fun to note the references like Nimues cave and the names of Arthur’s sister and the names of other characters too)

not sure the issue with the Nuns kissing is, it’s a common trope and easy/lazy short hand for showing the pair are rebellious and maybe just there as a hideout rather than due to faith...

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Not your screen monkey (he/him)
Life's too short (and there are too many other things worth watching) to hate watch something. If it's not working for you, dump it. My wife is watching it, but I think it's kind of lame, so I leave it to her to watch while I do or pay attention to something else.

For what it's worth, I thought the wolf effects in episode 1 were a mixed bag. Some of it was good but there were some shots that looked really odd.

I wasn't keen at first, but it grew on me. It's definitely "young adult" generic fantasy, and plays very fast and loose with Arthurian legend, but then lots of things play fast and loose with Arthurian legend. It's OK; not great, but I found it watchable. My biggest issue was that everything looked a bit too clean and new, from clothes to locations; even the dirt looked clean.

I definitely don't ding a fantasy show for 'realism'. None of it's real, including the witch, the magic sword or the wizard or all the fey people.
This is kind of my take as well. It is not great but I find it satisfactory fantasy and my wife likes it. We have finished episode 5 and plan to watch the whole season. I like it better than the Witcher. That show has horrible dialogue, poor acting and tragic costumes and effects. I don’t mind cheesy but the Witcher is beyond cheesy.

May biggest gripe with Cursed is the writing. The dialogue could use a lot of work. I know from the start they wanted an original take on the characters and they accomplished that though the Merlin character is meh.

Overall I would give it a B- or C+ for a grade.


The Elephant in the Room (she/they)
The Witcher was basically Xena with blood and boobs and people saying ":):):):)" a bunch, what's not to love?

I'll definitely recommend Cursed to my partner, though, this sounds like it might be up her alley, even if she ends up hating it.


I don't know. Whenever I see a science fiction or superhero show anymore, I have an expectation that the future will look vaguely like British Columbia, or Toronto.

This is a corollary to a lesson I learned when I first watched Jackie Chan in Rumble in the Bronx and marveled at the green mountains of New York City.

You have no idea how many actors and crew are pissed at Vancouver constantly subbing in for Seattle :ROFLMAO:


41st lv DM
Thanks for the review/warning.
I've seen this in the lineup but not gotten around to watching it yet.

Maybe when I need something fairly mindless on in the background when I get to painting a new batch of 40k stuff. (I tend to use the endless 70s/80s D list movies on Amazon for that.)


This was definitely an Ooooh that's bad! for myself and my partner. The script was poor from the start and everything was too colourful and clean. It turned us off before the halfway point of the first episode.

A shame, because we too are looking out for the next series to watch. There's only so many Snow Piercer's left.


When you say young adult show is it more like that Elfstones of Shannara type young adult (with all the teen angst and cheesy effects and such) or like Doctor Who type young adult (or more a family oriented) show?

I like the latter type of show FAR more than the former type of show.

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